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The following FAQs are available:
I am with a producer at one of the Pacifica affiliate or sister stations, ....
Can I use AudioPort? Yes you can use the AudioPort to add and find programming - all you need to do to start using this site is to create an account, click here to register your account, or for more information, see the How To Create Your Account help documentation.
How do I create an account?

Please see the How to Create an Account page.

Is AudioPort free? Yes, if you are staff of a Pacifica affiliate or sister station, your use of the AudioPort is free of charge. The AudioPort is a free service of the Pacifica Foundation.
Can I use AudioPort to make money? No, you cannot use the AudioPort to make money.
Can I upload? Yes, if you have registered an account with the AudioPort, you can upload your programming.
Can I download? Yes, if you have registered an account with the AudioPort, you can download programming added by others. For help, see the How Do I Add My Program document.
Who approves my programming? Your programming does not need approval if you are a producer from a Pacifica affiliate or sister station. The assumption is that you are a professional who understands the requirements for air-quality programming.
Who can access my program? Your programming can be downloaded or played by producers or staff of Pacifica affiliate or sister stations.
How do I know if someone downloaded my program? The AudioPort keeps track of the number of downloads and who downloaded them. You will see the download info by visiting the particular program you want to know the download stats for.
Unfortunately, we can't provide that info for RSS feeds. Yet.
How do I know if someone played my program on the air? Unfortunately, we cannot determine that information, however the AudioPort does let you know how many times the program files have been downloaded.
Can I use the 'My Workroom' space too? Yes, more information on the Workroom area is coming soon.
How many files can I put into 'My Workroom'? And how long will they be stored there? There are no limits on the number of files stored. They (currently) are stored there forever.


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