Because of copyright issues, :udioport membership is restricted to people working at a Pacifica sister station, an affiliate or who is an independent producer. It's not available to the general public. We apologize for this unfortunate restriction.

Signing up for an AudioPort account is necessary in order for you to upload or download any programming.

First Steps
This is the information you will need to create an account
  1. Your email address
    When your account is created, you will get an email at that address with further instructions.
    Also, your uploads will be associated with that email address. Unfortunately, that cannot be changed.
    If more than one person uploads your show, you may want to create a new email account expressly for use with AudioPort.
  2. The name you want to appear on AudioPort listings as producer.

Creating an account
Accounts associated with affiliate stations must be created by a Station Admin. Normally the Station Admin is one of the staff at the station. If you can't find out by asking at the station, please go to the Contact Us page and email one of the people there. Please include the the station you're affilated with.

If you are an independent producer, one of the people at Contact Us page will be able to help you create an account.

Give the person who will create your account the information listed above:
email address and name of producer.
If you are an independent, please include some information about the show you do.

Your First Login
When you login the first time, you will be asked to agree to The Program Archiving and Distribution Agreement

You must accept this agreement to use the AudioPort. The main points are that your programming: does not infringe on any third party’s copyright patent, trademark, etc.; complies with Federal, state, local laws; doesn’t slander, libel, or defame; contains no pornographic materials; etc.

After reading the terms, click the “I agree” button below to accept the terms, and move onto the next step.

You may then provide some more Account Information

  • “E-mail” – the E-mail address you supply here will serve as your AudioPort account login. The E-mail you supply here will also be used to send any system confirmations from the AudioPort (ie, if you forget your password, the AudioPort will send you your password to this E-mail address).
  • “Password” – You may change your password from the one supplied in the original email. This is recommended since email may not be secure.
  • “Repeat Password” – to confirm that your new password was entered correctly, please re-enter it in the appropriate field.
  • “Name of Person or Group” – You may change the original name you supplied as producer or organization name (ie, your production team’s name). What you put here will be displayed, under the title “producer”, next to all of the programs you post
  • “Website” – enter your personal or organization’s website address (URL). Note, this is optional

You can edit your account information at any time by going into your workroom after logging in. If you have any questions or need help see or email one of the people listed in 'Contact Us'.


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