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 MergingArts Productions produces cultural events and radio programming related to music and visual arts.

MergingArts Productions reaches out to communities both locally and globally.
Programs from Producer: MergingArts Productions
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 : Celebrating Global Music by Women - Name Game
  MergingArts Productions 2019-02-27 01:29:00
 : Johnny Marshall - Sound Designer and Supervising Sound Editor - Upstream Color, A Ghost Story, The Old Man & the Gun, and The Vast of Night
  MergingArts Productions 2019-03-01 00:29:00
 : Celebrating Global Music by Women - Dreams and Adventures
  MergingArts Productions 2019-02-23 01:28:25
 : Luis Rosales - Mexican Casting Director - The Chosen Ones, Tales of an Immoral Couple, the series Luis Miguel, and Roma
  MergingArts Productions 2019-02-22 00:29:00
 : Celebrating Musical Women of the World - Throwback and Forward
  MergingArts Productions 2019-02-16 01:31:19
 : Heartfelt Sweet Signs in global music by women
  MergingArts Productions 2019-02-13 01:29:23
 : Celebrating Global Music by Chinese Women
  MergingArts Productions 2019-02-06 00:59:54
 : Celebrating Musical Women of the World in Mexico
  MergingArts Productions 2019-02-06 00:29:27
 : Christopher Aoun - Cinematographer - Kalveli: Shadows of the Desert, Ismaii, Capernaum
  MergingArts Productions 2019-02-15 00:29:00
 : Dawn Avery - Cellist, Composer, Vocalist, Educator - Mohawk and Sufi - Our Fire, Crane/Ajijaak, and Beloved
  MergingArts Productions 2019-02-08 00:26:30
 : Margaux Rust - Production Designer - Come Swim, Dont Be A Hero, Back Roads, and Clemency
  MergingArts Productions 2019-02-08 00:29:00
 : Sergio Diaz - Mexican Sound Designer - Pans Labyrinth, Heli, The Thin Yellow Line, The Untamed, While the Wolf's Away, and Roma
  MergingArts Productions 2019-01-31 00:29:00
 : Khaled Mouzanar - Lebanese Film Composer - After Shave, Caramel, Melodrama Habibi, Where Do We Go Now?, Rio, I Love You, and Capernaum
  MergingArts Productions 2019-01-25 00:29:00
 : Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans - Film Composers - Martha Marcy May Marlene, The Wolfpack, Enemy, The Gift, The Fits, Christine, The Autotopsy of Jane Doe, Ozark, Boy Erased, and The Wolf Hour
  MergingArts Productions 2019-01-18 00:29:00
 : Fiona Crombie - Production Designer - The Snowtown Murders, Top of the Lake, Dead Europe, Macbeth, The Favourite, and The King
  MergingArts Productions 2019-01-11 00:29:00
 : Elizabeth Jones - Production Designer - Damsels in Distress, A Birder's Guide to Everything, Wolves, Lizzie, Dumplin'
  MergingArts Productions 2019-01-03 00:29:00
 : Alexandra Byrne - British Costume Designer - Hamlet, Elizabeth, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Doctor Strange, and Mary Queen of Scots
  MergingArts Productions 2018-12-27 00:29:00
 : Nadim Carlsen - Danish Cinematographer - Pine Ridge, Shelley, Strawberry Days, What Will People Say, Holiday, Border, and Psychosis in Stockholm
  MergingArts Productions 2018-12-20 00:29:00
 : Noah Greenberg - Director of Photography - The Boy, Camino, Most Beautiful Island, Lizzie, and Tu Me Manques
  MergingArts Productions 2018-12-13 00:29:00
 : Elizabeth Warn - Costume Designer - Entertainment, Miss Stevens, The Clapper, Sollers Point, Fast Color, The Mountain, and Charlie Says
  MergingArts Productions 2018-12-06 00:29:00
 : Dan Butts - Production Designer - Flight of the Concords, State of the Union, Arrested Development, Pee-wee's Big Holiday, The Clapper, and Lady Dynamite
  MergingArts Productions 2018-11-29 00:29:00
 : Ma Kalaadevi Ananda - Makeup Designer and Artist - Little Women, Pollock, Shame, The East, 12 Years a Slave, Can You Ever Forgive Me?, Widows, and the upcoming, You Are My Friend
  MergingArts Productions 2018-11-22 00:29:00
 : Nina Paley - Cartoonist, Animator, and Free Culture Activist - Sita Sings the Blues, Mimi & Eunice, Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet, This Land Is Mine, and Seder-Masochism
  MergingArts Productions 2018-11-15 00:29:00
 : Mirren Gordon-Crozier - Costume Designer - Short Term 12, Meadowland, Lowriders, The Glass Castle, I Think We're Alone Now, and the upcoming Teen Spirit
  MergingArts Productions 2018-11-08 00:29:00
 : Johannes Stjarne Nilsson - Director, Writer, and Producer from Sweden - Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers, Sound of Noise, Rain, and The Bear
  MergingArts Productions 2018-11-01 00:29:00
 : Matthew Hannam - Canadian Film Editor- Update - Enemy, James White, Swiss Army Man, It Comes At Night, Wildlife, and Vox Lux
  MergingArts Productions 2018-10-25 00:29:00
 : Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans - Film Composers - Martha Marcy May Marlene, The Wolfpack, Enemy, The Gift, The Fits, Christine, The Autotopsy of Jane Doe, the TV Series Ozark, and Boy Erased
  MergingArts Productions 2018-10-18 00:29:00
 : Natalie O'Brien - Costume Designer - A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, Ingrid Goes West, The Bad Batch, and Lizzie
  MergingArts Productions 2018-10-11 00:29:00
 : Jeff Russo - Musician and Composer - Tonic, TV series Fargo and Power, and the films Hondros, Lizzie, Mile 22, and Pale Blue Dot
  MergingArts Productions 2018-10-04 00:29:00
 : Jeff Springer - Director, Cinematographer, and Editor - Plagues and Pleasures on the Salton Sea, Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone, and Rodents of Unusual Size
  MergingArts Productions 2018-09-27 00:29:00
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