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 : Bring on the Noise - The Beauty of Fighting for a Better World: Aloe Blacc; Sunsara Taylor on HB2 Abortion Decision; Charlotte Silver, Attack on BDS
  Michael Slate 2016-07-06 00:58:39
 : Two Nightmares: Israel and America. Carl Dix, Justice for Freddie Gray. Ilan Pappe, The Idea of Israel.
  Michael Slate 2016-06-29 00:58:59
 : Crimes of the system: Sunsara Taylor, The Stanford Rape Outrage; Carl Dix from Baltimore, Justice for Freddie Gray; Revolution Club Arrested in L.A.
  Michael Slate 2016-06-22 00:58:52
 : The Actual Reality of America: Jerry Lembcke on PTSD; Modern-Day US Debtors' Prisons
  Michael Slate 2016-06-15 00:58:43
 : You've Been Lied to Your Entire Life, Time to Take Off the Blinders: Part 2 of Our Coverage of the 50th Anniversary of the Cultural Revolution in China, One of the Most Important Events in World History.
  Michael Slate 2016-06-08 00:58:45
 : Bob Avakian: The Cultural Revolution in China, Art and Culture, Dissent and Ferment, and Carrying Forward the Revolution Toward Communism.
  Michael Slate 2016-06-01 00:58:49
 : The Morality We Need. Mirjana Karanovic, Director, A Good Wife : Would You Reject a Comfortable Life to Oppose a Crime Against Humanity? Plus, Bob Avakian, What If...?
  Michael Slate 2016-05-25 00:58:41
 : The Mentally Ill Murdered and Tortured in Prison and Obama and his Oil Company Gangsters Continue to Rape the Planet
  Michael Slate 2016-05-18 00:58:40
 : The Confinement, Brutality and Torture of Black and Latino People in the US: Lockdown on Rikers, and The New Jim Crow
  Michael Slate 2016-05-11 00:59:04
 : Time to Face the Truth: The Climate Catastrophe We Face, and the Truth About Obama's Drone Murders
  Michael Slate 2016-05-04 00:59:02
 : The Right to Abortion Under Fire: The System Robbing Women of Their Humanity. David S. Cohen on Anti-Abortion Terrorism; the Play Dry Land
  Michael Slate 2016-04-27 00:58:47
 : Millions Are Dying Around the World. You Want to Do Something About It. But Is Bernie Sanders The Answer?
  Michael Slate 2016-04-20 00:58:41
 : The Killing Embrace of an Imperialist World: The Murder of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg & the Fight to #ExonerateEthel; The Enslavement and Dehumanization of Women Across the World
  Michael Slate 2016-04-13 00:58:49
 : How Much Is Too Much?
  Michael Slate 2016-04-06 00:58:50
 : Obama and the Re-Colonization of Cuba; The Lonesome Deaths of Kisha Michael and Marquintan Sandlin,Murdered by Police
  Michael Slate 2016-03-30 00:59:00
 : What a Wonderful World: Immigrant Children Deported without Counsel to a US-Created Hell, America Sells AIDS-Tainted Blood
  Michael Slate 2016-03-23 00:58:50
 : What Kind of System Is This? What Kind of Future Is Possible? The Poisoning of Flint, Michigan; Bob Avakian on the Election Hustle
  Michael Slate 2016-03-16 00:58:52
 : Let's Never Deceive Ourselves nor Be Deceived - Learn the Truth and Change the World: FBI vs Apple; "My Sister," Two Sisters in Nazi Germany
  Michael Slate 2016-03-09 00:58:48
 : The Urgent Fight for Abortion Rights: Dawn Porter, Director of TRAPPED; Sunsara Taylor on the State of Emergency, the Need to Resist, and the Revolution We Need
  Michael Slate 2016-03-02 00:58:45
 : Gravitational Waves Detected! What They Are and Why It's Important. Plus, Black History: The Politics and History of the Black Panther Party; Emmett Till and the Deadly Impact of Jim Crow
  Michael Slate 2016-02-24 00:58:49
 : Black History Special: America, Its Foundation of Slavery & White Supremacy -- Slavery & Academia; the True Colors of Jeffersonian Democracy
  Michael Slate 2016-02-17 00:58:40
 : A World of Chaos: Where Do You Stand? "The James Foley Story"; Joshua Oppenheimer, "The Look of Silence"
  Michael Slate 2016-02-10 00:58:59
 : The System That's Destroying the Planet: Exxon Mobil and Climate Science Denial; Orpheus Reed on the Porter Ranch Gas Leak and Climate Change
  Michael Slate 2016-02-03 00:58:52
 : The Fight for the Earth: OMG - Oceans Melting Greenland; "How to Change the World"
  Michael Slate 2016-01-27 00:58:41
 : What Do Massive Gas Leaks, Torture Chambers and Racist Troglodytes Have in Common? America 2016
  Michael Slate 2016-01-20 00:58:45
 : The Urgent Fight for Abortion Rights and the Revolution Needed to Emancipate Humanity, An Hour-Long Conversation with Sunsara Taylor
  Michael Slate 2016-01-13 00:58:47
 : A New Year and the Dogs Are Still in the Streets But They Aren't Alone: A Conversation about the Continuing Outrage Of Police Murder, Gil Scott-Heron Corrected a Mistake and the Leadership and Plan to End It.
  Michael Slate 2016-01-06 00:58:26
 : The Truth about Israel, Told in the Voice of Israeli Historian Ilan Pappe as He Lays Bare the Reality of the Historical and Current Ethnic Cleansing and Incremental Genocide of the Palestinian People
  Michael Slate 2015-12-30 00:58:39
 : What's Goin' On: Mistrial of Killer Cop in Baltimore, the Crisis in Chicago, Legitimacy Crisis and What That Means for Revolutionaries, Conspiracies & Cops and Atheists During Christmas
  Michael Slate 2015-12-23 00:58:52
 : The Whole World in Mind: El Nino and the World, From San Bernardino to Syria, Islamic Fundamentalism and US imperialism, the Homeless and El Nino
  Michael Slate 2015-12-16 00:58:40
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