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 : Lenny Wolff & Tala Deloria, the National Revolution Tour; Amelia Bonow, Shout Your Abortion; Bob Avakian, Male Supremacy & Capitalism
  Michael Slate 2019-05-22 00:58:44
 : Max Felker-Kantor, author of "Policing Los Angeles: Race, Resistance, and the Rise of the LAPD"
  Michael Slate 2019-05-15 00:58:38
 : Palestine! Dr. Asaad Abu Sharkh on the Great March of Return. Salman Abu Sitta Documents the Longest Ethnic Cleansing in History
  Michael Slate 2019-05-08 00:58:40
 : Andy Zee & Michelle Xai, National Revolution Tour. Plus Jen Marlowe in Palestine, Running for the Right to Thrive
  Michael Slate 2019-05-01 00:58:36
 : Author Jason Stanley, "How Fascism Works," Trevor Timm, Freedom of the Press Fdn, on the Arrest of Julian Assange
  Michael Slate 2019-04-24 00:58:39
 : Joe Veale, To All Those Who Grieve for Nipsey Hussle and Want a Better World. Bob Avakian, Revolution and the Gangs; Angelo Guisado, Center for Constitutional Rights, ICE attacks on Lawyers, Reporters and Activists
  Michael Slate 2019-04-17 00:58:35
 : Andy Zee, the Mueller Investigation and the Interests of the People; WW II Internment Camp Survivors Protest Caging of Central American Refugees
  Michael Slate 2019-04-10 00:58:40
 : Sunsara Taylor, Mueller Investigation Bamboozled You! Trump/Pence Must Go! Plus Richard Falk, Attack on Gaza
  Michael Slate 2019-04-03 00:58:40
 : The National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour Begins; Sasha Abramsky,It is time to kick our wannabe dictator out!
  Michael Slate 2019-03-27 00:58:39
 : What the Hell is #BEB? Plus, Playwright Jonathan Caren,
  Michael Slate 2019-03-20 00:58:38
 : Peter Fritzsche, Claudia Koonz, Rise of Fascism in Germany - and the US; Bob Avakian, The Democratic Party: A Major Instrument of This Monstrously Oppressive System
  Michael Slate 2019-03-13 00:58:35
 : Cops Getting Away with Murder, and Fighting to End the Oppression of Women: Nicholas Heyward Sr., Carl Dix, Bob Avakian and Poet Nargis Khestoo
  Michael Slate 2019-03-06 00:58:40
 : Estee Chandler, Jewish Voice for Peace, The Combating BDS Act, 2019; Ilan Pappe, The Idea of Israel; Bob Avakian, How Do We Hasten A Revolutionary Situation?
  Michael Slate 2019-02-27 00:58:39
 : Taking a Stand for Humanity: Sarah Roark of Refuse Fascism on Trump, emergency powers, the SOTU and the border. Plus Hugo Castro of The Border Angels on the Migrants of the Caravans
  Michael Slate 2019-02-20 00:58:35
 : Dahr Jamail, The End of Ice. Bob Avakian: The Democratic Party A major instrument of this monstrously oppressive system, and The Oppression of Black People and Other People of Color
  Michael Slate 2019-02-13 00:58:35
 : Trump and the Danger of Emergency Powers; Carl Dix, Murderer of Laquan McDonald Gets Slap on the Wrist; Refuse Fascism LA
  Michael Slate 2019-02-06 00:58:39
 : Kade Crockford - FBI, Dr. King & the Technology of Spying; Amelia Bonow, Shout Your Abortion; Bob Avakian, Capitalism and the Oppression of Women
  Michael Slate 2019-01-30 00:58:39
 : Alvaro Huerta, Mexican Immigration to the US; Bob Avakian on Women's Oppression; The Cabeza 9 on Trial for Saving Migrants' Lives
  Michael Slate 2019-01-23 00:58:36
 : LA Teachers Strike; Carl Dix Remembers Nicholas Heyward, Sr.; Refuse Fascism Banner in the Sky at the Border
  Michael Slate 2019-01-16 00:58:35
 : Bob Avakian: The Five Stops"Why This System Can't Be Reformed. Plus Andy Worthington, Close Guantanamo!
  Michael Slate 2019-01-09 00:58:35
 : Oscar Brown Jr. - his art, his music, his politics and his passion
  Michael Slate 2019-01-02 00:58:18
 : The Migrant Caravan, the Aggression of the Fascists, and the Truth of the Matter: Voices from Tijuana + the New Sanctuary Coalition. And Bob Avakian, Why Do People Come Here?
  Michael Slate 2018-12-26 00:58:36
 : Author Elizabeth Hinton's Groundbreaking Work, From the War on Poverty to the War on Crime. Plus Bob Avakian, Why We Need an Actual Revolution & How We Can Really Make Revolution
  Michael Slate 2018-12-19 00:58:37
 : Ilan Pappe on the True History of Zionism and the State of Israel. Laying Bare the Reality of the Historical and Current Ethnic Cleansing and Incremental Genocide of the Palestinian People
  Michael Slate 2018-12-12 00:58:35
 : Bob Avakian "The Five Stops -- Why This System Can't Be Reformed" Tala, Revolution Club LA, Drop the Charges against the Revolution Club & Refuse Fascism
  Michael Slate 2018-12-05 00:58:40
 : America Was Never Great: Slavery, Neo-Slavery and the Continuing Savage Oppression of Black People in the "Free-est Country in the World"!
  Michael Slate 2018-11-28 00:58:38
 : Thanksgiving Special: The Uncovered Story of Indian Enslavement in America, a Conversation with Andres Resendez, Author of The Other Slavery
  Michael Slate 2018-11-21 00:58:26
 : David Palumbo-Liu, Trump's Nationalist Declaration; Bob Avakian, Spreading the Fighting Spirit Confronting Fascists; Sunsara Taylor, The Elections
  Michael Slate 2018-11-14 00:58:35
 : Relentless Moves Of Trump-Pence Toward The Consolidation Of Fascism - Bob Avakian and Andy Zee. Plus Playwright Oliver Mayer, Members Only
  Michael Slate 2018-11-07 00:58:40
 : Bob Avakian: Why We Need An Actual Revolution And How We Can Really Make Revolution. Plus Lauren Markham on Why Refugees Flee Central America
  Michael Slate 2018-10-31 00:58:29
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