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 : Calling for Forgiveness Doesn't Erase Hundreds of Years of Torture, Dehumanization and Murder: How the History of a Whole People Gets Concentrated in the Heinous Murders of Black People
  Michael Slate 2015-07-01 00:58:43
 : Shell Tries to Kill the Planet, White Supremacist Slaughters Nine Black People and the Yes Men Turn the World Right Side Up
  Michael Slate 2015-06-24 00:58:43
 : The Fight Against Dehumanization & Degradation: Fighting Back Against the Attack on Abortion Rights in Texas & Throughout the Country, Women on Waves Bring Abortions to Women All Over the World and American Idiot on Stage
  Michael Slate 2015-06-17 00:58:44
 : The Middle East Is Exploding, Cops Kill a Wounded & Unarmed Student and More Cops Run Wild In Philly: And You Want to Know Why Some Say We Need A Revolution
  Michael Slate 2015-06-10 00:58:44
 : Disaster, Pending Disaster and the Art of Deliverance: From Spilled Oil in Santa Barbara to a Seed Bank Under Norwegian Ice to the Art of Oscar Brown Jr.
  Michael Slate 2015-06-03 00:58:58
 : The High Stakes in the Fight Against Police Brutality and Murder of Black Brown People & Santa Cruz Students Set an Example
  Michael Slate 2015-05-27 00:58:44
 : Capitalism Killing the Planet: Drilling for Oil in the Arctic, Global Warming, and a Welcome Warning from Scientists
  Michael Slate 2015-05-20 00:58:55
 : What Imperialism Is Doing to the Entire Planet-Mumia Abu-Jamal, Antarctica, Nepal
  Michael Slate 2015-05-13 00:58:33
 : Making a Difference: Cornel West, In the Streets in Baltimore and Calling Out a Lie
  Michael Slate 2015-05-06 00:58:41
 : Police Murder Continues: Freddie Gray Dead, The Story of Tyisha Miller and How Much Longer Will We Tolerate This?
  Michael Slate 2015-04-29 00:58:52
 : A Flowering of Resistance: Report on the April 14 Shut It Down Day of Resistance Against Police Murder, Voices of Resisters and a Theaterical Trip into the Irish Resistance
  Michael Slate 2015-04-22 00:58:52
 : The Genocidal Police Murder of Black People & The Hidden History of Slavery and Its Role in Building the American Empire
  Michael Slate 2015-04-15 00:58:51
 : Shut It Down: A Nationwide Movement Against Police Murder - It Stops Now!
  Michael Slate 2015-04-08 00:58:43
 : Stand Up, Shout Out- Bring On a New World
  Michael Slate 2015-04-01 00:58:50
 : Warning about a Planet Without Apes and the Powerful Story of a Woman Who Stands Up Against Neglect, Violence and Exploitation of Women in Chicago
  Michael Slate 2015-03-25 00:58:43
 : The Corner of Epistemology and Morality Demands Action: The 1971 Robbery of the Media, PA FBI Office, The Continued Torture of Albert Woodfox, the last of the Angola 3 Still in Jail and April 14th Shutdown Against Police Brutality and Murder
  Michael Slate 2015-03-18 00:58:50
 : The World We've Got: A Beautiful Mind in Prison; Selma, Police Murder & Resistance; Netanyahu vs. Obama?
  Michael Slate 2015-03-11 00:58:46
 : What Does Dr. Strangelove Have to Do with What We Know About Iran's Nuclear Intentions and March 8 as a Day of a Nationwide Fight Against the War on Women
  Michael Slate 2015-03-04 00:58:29
 : The Cold Truth Behind Vaccinations and Police Murder
  Michael Slate 2015-02-25 00:58:42
 : From the Torture Chambers of Guantanamo to the Deadly Streets of the U.S.: American Thugs on the Rampage
  Michael Slate 2015-02-18 00:58:42
 : What Would You Do If...:Locked Down Tight in a Modern Day Warsaw Ghetto: The Story of the Genocide Against Black People in the USA, the System Behind It and Why We Need a Revolution!
  Michael Slate 2015-02-11 00:58:41
 : The Hidden History of Slavery and Its Role in Building the American Empire
  Michael Slate 2015-02-04 00:58:34
 : Re-establishment of US-Cuba Relations: Re-Colonization in the Name of Normalization. Plus, the Progies! Progressive Film Awards
  Michael Slate 2015-01-28 00:58:44
 : From the Snake Pit Prisons of Mississippi to the War on Women - America in the 21st Century
  Michael Slate 2015-01-21 00:58:44
 : Things That Make You Ask Why: Why is Political Cartooning a Dangerous Profession? Why Are Prisoners in an LA County Jail Beat and Tortured? Why Would Sheriffs Kill a Mother of 5? And, What Will You Do About It?
  Michael Slate 2015-01-14 00:58:25
 : No New Year Under the Same Old System! We Can t Breathe: Torture, Police Brutality & Murder Are Not Debatable, They Are Morally Wrong and Must Stop!
  Michael Slate 2015-01-07 00:58:45
 : We Are Human Beings and Demand to Be Treated as Such: Standing Up Against the Dehumanization of Rape and Racism
  Michael Slate 2014-12-31 00:58:37
 : Medical Complicity with Torture, and the Danger Facing Humanity and the Planet Due to Climate Change
  Michael Slate 2014-12-24 00:58:47
 : Who Decides Who Is Human: The Medical Machine Used to Help Dehumanize Black People While Vampires Cruise City Streets Looking for Love and Good Take-out
  Michael Slate 2014-12-17 00:58:39
 : In the Face of the Justification of Cold-blooded Murder by the Police People Across the Country Take to the Streets to Bring the Country to a Halt...and That's a Very Good Thing!
  Michael Slate 2014-12-10 00:58:42
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