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 BACKGROUND BRIEFING is a radio program featuring international and national news, expert guests, policy makers, and critics offering analysis and insight on national security, foreign and domestic policy, political, cultural, and social issues.

Five days a week, Background Briefing asks knowledgeable and thoughtful experts to explain the complexities behind major news stories in long-format interviews.
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 : Anger and Disgust in Hollywood at Sony's Capitulation; North Korea's Attack on a Japanese Company May End Up Helping Sony's Rival Sumsung; An Update From Havana on Cuban's Reaction to Normalization
  Ian Masters 2014-12-18 00:59:08
 : American Corporations Cave in to North Korean Terrorist Threats; A New Chapter in U.S. / Cuban Relations; Will the Lives of Cubans Improve or the Profits of Multi-Nationals?
  Ian Masters 2014-12-17 00:59:08
 : December 16 - the Pakistan Taliban Retaliate by Slaughtering Children; The Ruble in Freefall as Obama Is Poised to Sign off on Increased Sanctions; The Continuing Hype about the so-Called Islamic State That Has Nothing to Do with Islam
  Ian Masters 2014-12-16 00:59:08
 : 200 Nations Agree to the First Deal to Reduce CO2 Emissions; A Two Year Deadline at the U.N. For the End of Israeli Occupation; Modernizing the Nuclear Arsenal
  Ian Masters 2014-12-15 00:59:08
 : Why the Democrats Caved and How the Republicans Got Away with Killing Financial Reform; "Ho the U.S. Created the Islamic State"; "Putin's Kleptocracy: Who Owns Russia?
  Ian Masters 2014-12-14 00:59:08
 : Holding Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld Culpable for Torture; "Lords of Secrecy: The National Security Elite and America's Stealth Warfare; The Other Torture Report
  Ian Masters 2014-12-11 00:59:08
 : "The President Needs to Purge his Administration ; Holding White House Officials Responsible; From the Tyranny of Wealth to a Democratic and Sustainable Society
  Ian Masters 2014-12-10 00:59:08
 : The Polarized Reaction to the Torture Report; America's Torture Doctors; Will Shoddy Reporting Become an Excuse for Denying Campus Rape?
  Ian Masters 2014-12-09 00:59:08
 : The Torturers Circle the Wagons; Restoring Equal Justice and a Belief We Are a Just Society; A Former Senior Editor of the Former New Republic
  Ian Masters 2014-12-08 00:59:08
 : The Proxy War in Yemen Between Iran and Saudi Arabia; The Gap Between Military, Hacking Capabilities and Civilian Defense; The Japanese Right Wing's Assault on History
  Ian Masters 2014-12-07 00:59:08
 : A Videotaped Homicide Disregarded by a Grand Jury?; A Deficit in Leadership and Strategic Thinking in the Obama Administration; Behind the On-Going Tragedy of the Syrian Civil War
  Ian Masters 2014-12-04 00:59:08
 : A Fourth Netanyahu Government in Israel; How Falling Oil Prices are Impacting Russia and Putin's Rule; The Yet Another Failure to Indict a White Police Officer in the Killing of a Black Man
  Ian Masters 2014-12-03 00:59:08
 : A New Secretary of Defense; North Korea's Cyber-Attack on Sony Pictures; The Execution of a Mentally Ill Man In Texas
  Ian Masters 2014-12-02 00:59:08
 : Republican Deficit Hawks Push a $400 Billion Tax Cut for Big Corporations; Outliers at the U.N. Climate Conference in Lima, Peru; The Supreme Court Considers Limits on Free Speech on the Internet; Finally a Coal Baron Faces Justice
  Ian Masters 2014-12-01 00:59:08
 : What is Behind the Plunge in Oil Prices; Turkey's Powerful Leader and its Foreign Policy at Odds with the U.S.; Venezuela's Shaky Economy Takes a Hit as Oil Prices Fall
  Ian Masters 2014-11-30 00:59:08
 : November 26 - Separate Narratives in a Divided St. Louis, Missouri; Will We Take Putin's Bait?; Republican Plans for a Permanent $400 Billion Tax Break for Big Corporations
  Ian Masters 2014-11-27 00:59:08
 : A Pesticide-Free Thanksgiving Meal at Monsanto's HQ; The Religious Underpinnings of Thanksgiving; Challenges Facing A Divided America
  Ian Masters 2014-11-26 00:59:08
 : November 25 - The Prosecutor Acting as Officer Wilson's Defense Lawyer; Was the Fix in from the Beginning in Prosecuting Officer Wilson?; Glenn Greenwald and James Risen Discuss Press Freedom and the National Security State
  Ian Masters 2014-11-25 00:59:08
 : The Firing of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel; Anticipating the Verdict in the Police Shooting of Michael Brown;The History of Police Shootings of African Americans
  Ian Masters 2014-11-24 00:59:00
 : The P5+1 Deal with Iran is Better Late Than Never; The Former Commissioner of the INS on Obama's Immigration Overhaul; Why Reform of the NSA Failed
  Ian Masters 2014-11-23 00:59:00
 : An Analysis of Obama's Immigration Reforms by Executive Action; How Obama's Immigration Proposals Will Impact the 11 Million in the Shadows; Obama on Solid Legal Ground; Massive Demonstrations Against Impunity and Corruption in Mexico
  Ian Masters 2014-11-20 00:59:00
 : Obama's Expected Immigration Reform Proposals; Is the U.S. Reaping What it has Sowed in Honduras?; U.S. Responsiblity for Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras Becoming Narco States
  Ian Masters 2014-11-19 00:59:00
 : The Islamic State's Use of the Media; Endangered House Democrats and a Possible Republican Shutdown; FIFA's Flagrant Corruption
  Ian Masters 2014-11-18 00:59:00
 : The Site for the Latest TV Beheadings; Maziar Bahari, the Subject of the New Film by Jon Stewart, "Rosewater"; How Much Went Missing of the $200 Billion for Military Contracting in Iraq & Afghanistan; The National Disgrace of Homeless Childr
  Ian Masters 2014-11-17 00:59:00
 : Russia's Growing Isolation; U.S. Strategy in Iraq Driven by Domestic Politics; Outrage Intensifies in Mexico
  Ian Masters 2014-11-16 00:59:00
 : Are the Conservatives on the Supreme Court Politicians in Robes?; The $4.25 Billion Settlement By 5 of the Biggest Banks for Rigging the Currency Markets; An American Who Fought With the Rebeel Army in Libya
  Ian Masters 2014-11-13 00:59:00
 : Senator Bernie Sanders and his Democracy Day Act of 2014; How the Republicans Just Won Running on Democratic Issues; The U.S.-China Climate Change Deal
  Ian Masters 2014-11-12 00:59:00
 : The Apec Summit and the New Trade Pact; Growing Ties Between China and Russia; A Highly Decorated Veteran on Veterans Day
  Ian Masters 2014-11-11 00:59:00
 : The President Steps Up to Save the Internet; The Filmmaker Who Edward Snowden First Contacted
  Ian Masters 2014-11-10 00:59:00
 : Gorbachev's Warning of a New Cold War; Behind the Scenes of the North Korean Prisoner Release; The Hollowing Out of the Democratic Party
  Ian Masters 2014-11-09 00:59:00
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