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 I'm a KPFA Weekend News and WBAI AfrobeatRadio producer. Also a sometime contributor to KPFA's Morning Mix and KMEC-Mendocino. I have also been an expert guest on Flashhpoints, the KPFA Morning Show, Democracy Now, WBEZ Chicago Public Radio Worldview, and I am a regular contributor to the San Francisco Bay View, Global Research,, The Newsline East Africa, and other publications.

Most often, in recent years, I have reported on conflict zones in East/Central Africa, with emphasis on U.S. involvement that is little understood in this country. My other area of expertise is energy and resource extraction and I have recently begun to report on the challenge to relicensing California's two nuclear power plants with two reactors very close to active earthquake faults and the Pacific Ocean, in the wake of Japan. I requested an AudioPort account particularly so as to be able to make this reporting on the nuke plant relicensing challenge available to other Pacifica affiliates in California.
Programs from Producer: Ann Garrison
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 Jeremy Corbyn Addresses UK Labour Party United to Win
  Ann Garrison 2018-09-29 00:01:55
 Two African Heroes Leave Prison in Rwanda
  Ann Garrison 2018-09-20 00:01:55
 Russian News Outlet RT Taken Off Air in New York City
  Ann Garrison 2018-09-09 00:05:10
 Ugandan Afrobeat Star and Parliamentarian Arrested and Beaten
  Ann Garrison 2018-08-19 00:02:23
 Julian Assange, Lightning Rod of the New Cold War
  Ann Garrison 2018-08-13 00:03:57
 US ally Rwanda closes 7000 churches as State Department vows to fight religious persecution
  Ann Garrison 2018-07-30 00:03:13
 Assange Arrest May Be Imminent
  Ann Garrison 2018-07-22 00:04:04
 US Likely to Leave UN Human Rights Council Over "Anti-Israel Bias"
  Ann Garrison 2018-06-16 00:03:07
 G7 Protest: Rwandans and Congolese protest presence of Paul Kagame
  Ann Garrison 2018-06-09 00:03:26
 Longest Serving Former Black Panther Will Remain Behind Bars
  Ann Garrison 2018-05-10 00:08:59
 German opposition kept Merkel from joining US, UK, and France in missile strikes on Syria
  Ann Garrison 2018-04-22 00:01:55
 Canadian Journalist Judi Rever Turns the Rwandan Genocide Narrative Inside Out
  Ann Garrison 2018-04-15 00:03:27
 Two African Presidents Assassinated 24 Years Ago: Who Shot Down the Plane?
  Ann Garrison 2018-04-07 00:03:46
 Gun control at home, not abroad?
  Ann Garrison 2018-03-31 00:03:01
 The Novichok story is another Iraqi WMD scam
  Ann Garrison 2018-03-17 00:01:50
 Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza Democracy and Peace Prize presented to community radio broadcaster Phil Taylor
  Ann Garrison 2018-03-12 00:02:40
 March Planned to Counter Trump Military Parade
  Ann Garrison 2018-03-03 00:03:20
 US threatens to overthrow Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution
  Ann Garrison 2018-02-24 00:03:36
 Imagine: No US Military Bases on Foreign Soil
  Ann Garrison 2018-01-13 00:03:12
 Is anyone on the side of the Congolese now?
  Ann Garrison 2018-01-10 00:13:06
 Uganda Attacks Congo's Beni Territory
  Ann Garrison 2017-12-23 00:08:00
 Ugandan troops to the rescue in DRC? Can the fox guard the henhouse?
  Ann Garrison 2017-12-16 00:03:29
 Mass Atrocities Against Black Libyans and Migrants Began with NATO War
  Ann Garrison 2017-12-03 00:04:11
 African Court Rules that Victoire Ingabire Did Not Receive a Fair Trial in Rwanda
  Ann Garrison 2017-11-26 00:03:31
 The Imperial ICC Targets Burundi
  Ann Garrison 2017-11-13 00:03:15
 Burundi exits the ICC
  Ann Garrison 2017-10-29 00:03:46
 ISIS in Congo? Or another excuse for resource plunder?
  Ann Garrison 2017-10-22 00:03:42
 Rwandans mark "Ingabire Day" for Rwandan political prisoner Victoire Ingabire
  Ann Garrison 2017-10-16 00:04:03
 Solidarity Uganda: Rural Ugandans resist land grabbing and US-backed dictatorship
  Ann Garrison 2017-10-09 00:03:51
 Ugandan parliamentarians become ungovernable
  Ann Garrison 2017-10-01 00:03:24
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