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 Under the leadership of its CEO, Bill Nye the Science Guy, the Planetary Society embraces its mission: Empower the world's citizens to advance space science and exploration. Planetary Radio is our weekly, half-hour public radio series that features conversations with the men and women who are leading us into the final frontier. Regular commentary is also provided by Bill Nye and Senior Editor Emily Lakdawalla, while our What's Up segment explores the current night sky, provides a Random Space Fact, remembers this week in space history, and offers the weekly space trivia contest. Our periodic Planetary Radio Live productions put the show in front of audiences throughout North America.
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 : Flying the Skies of Saturns Moon Titan
  Planetary Radio  2019-01-15 00:28:50
 : New Horizons Flyby: Join the Celebration!
  Planetary Radio  2019-01-09 00:28:50
 : A Mission to Earth: OSIRIS-REx
  Planetary Radio  2018-12-28 00:28:50
 : Countdown to Ultima: Alan Stern and New Horizons
  Planetary Radio  2018-12-26 00:28:50
 : Earthrise! The 50th Anniversary of Apollo 8
  Planetary Radio  2018-12-18 00:28:50
 : A Conversation With Former NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden
  Planetary Radio  2018-12-12 00:28:50
 : Last Week, Mars. This week, An Asteroid Called Bennu.
  Planetary Radio  2018-12-05 00:28:50
 : A Great Day for Space Explorers: The Landing of InSight
  Planetary Radio  2018-11-28 00:28:50
 : We Know Where the 2020 Rover Will Look for Martian Life
  Planetary Radio  2018-11-20 00:28:50
 : Moon Mission 3D from Queen Guitarist Brian May and David Eicher
  Planetary Radio  2018-11-14 00:28:50
 : Where Do We Come From? " Exploring the Origins of Life Lab
  Planetary Radio  2018-11-06 00:28:50
 : Celebrating Kepler
  Planetary Radio  2018-10-31 00:28:50
 : Sailing to an Asteroid on the Light of the Sun
  Planetary Radio  2018-10-23 00:28:50
 : Back to Saturn for Brand New Cassini Science
  Planetary Radio  2018-10-17 00:28:50
 : Celebrating Astronomy Day with the Giant Magellan Telescope
  Planetary Radio  2018-10-08 00:28:50
 : John Logsdon and the Dawn of the Space Age
  Planetary Radio  2018-10-02 00:28:50
 : SpaceX Builds a Big Falcon Rocket
  Planetary Radio  2018-09-26 00:28:50
 : Return to Fiery Mercury With BepiColombo
  Planetary Radio  2018-09-18 00:28:50
 : Opportunity, Phone Home!
  Planetary Radio  2018-09-11 00:28:50
 : Big Science, Big Rocket at the Marshall Space Flight Center
  Planetary Radio  2018-09-05 00:28:50
 : Space, Rockets, and a Senatorial Conversation in Huntsville, Alabama
  Planetary Radio  2018-08-29 00:28:50
 : Pluto Occults! Join Us on the Mountain
  Planetary Radio  2018-08-22 00:28:56
 : Giving Venus the Love (and Science) She Deserves
  Planetary Radio  2018-08-15 00:28:56
 : Dark Energy Co-Discoverer and the Leader of Chinese Space Science
  Planetary Radio  2018-08-07 00:28:56
 : Diving Into That Lake on Mars
  Planetary Radio  2018-07-31 00:28:56
 : Hayabusa2 Reaches a Dark Diamond in Space
  Planetary Radio  2018-07-25 00:28:56
 : An African Observatory Hunts Killer Asteroids
  Planetary Radio  2018-07-17 00:28:56
 : Something Old and Something New: Exciting Research on the International Space Station
  Planetary Radio  2018-07-10 00:28:56
 : Dwarf Planet Ceres Thrills as a Dying Visitor Closes In
  Planetary Radio  2018-07-02 00:28:56
 : Its Asteroid Week with NASAs Planetary Defense Officer
  Planetary Radio  2018-06-26 00:28:56
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