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 Under the leadership of its CEO, Bill Nye the Science Guy, the Planetary Society embraces its mission: Empower the world's citizens to advance space science and exploration. Planetary Radio is our weekly, half-hour public radio series that features conversations with the men and women who are leading us into the final frontier. Regular commentary is also provided by Bill Nye and Senior Editor Emily Lakdawalla, while our What's Up segment explores the current night sky, provides a Random Space Fact, remembers this week in space history, and offers the weekly space trivia contest. Our periodic Planetary Radio Live productions put the show in front of audiences throughout North America.
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 : Reflections of Humanity in a Spacesuit for Moonwalkers
  Planetary Radio  2019-08-13 00:28:50
 : Planetary Radio Live with Bill Nye at Science Museum Oklahoma
  Planetary Radio  2019-08-07 00:28:50
 : A Helicopter for Mars and a Major LightSail Announcement
  Planetary Radio  2019-07-31 00:28:50
 : Ready to Sail! LightSail 2 Deploys its Silvery Wings
  Planetary Radio  2019-07-24 00:28:50
 : Apollo 11 and the Woman Who Helped Get It Home
  Planetary Radio  2019-07-17 00:28:50
 : Were Sending a Flying Machine to Titan
  Planetary Radio  2019-07-10 00:28:50
 : LightSail Takes Flight!
  Planetary Radio  2019-07-03 00:28:50
 : The News From Saturn-With Linda Spilker
  Planetary Radio  2019-06-20 00:28:50
 : Flight by Light: A LightSail 2 Mission Preview
  Planetary Radio  2019-06-18 00:28:50
 : Quasars and Quanta: Exploring Einsteins Quantum Riddle
  Planetary Radio  2019-06-12 00:28:50
 : Starchaser: Extraordinary Astronomer Jay Pasachoff
  Planetary Radio  2019-06-04 00:28:50
 : Sharing a Passion for Mars at the Humans to Mars Summit
  Planetary Radio  2019-05-29 00:28:50
 : Talking with NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine
  Planetary Radio  2019-05-22 00:28:50
 : A Last Visit With LightSail 2 at the Cubesat Developers Workshop
  Planetary Radio  2019-05-11 00:28:50
 : Planetary Radio Live Defends Planet Earth!
  Planetary Radio  2019-05-07 00:28:50
 : The Skies of Super-Earths and Mini-Neptunes
  Planetary Radio  2019-04-29 00:28:50
 : Lucy in the Sky With Asteroids
  Planetary Radio  2019-04-23 00:28:50
 : The Triumph of a Failed Moon Landing
  Planetary Radio  2019-04-16 00:28:50
 : Celebrating Yuris Night with Legendary Astronaut Story Musgrave
  Planetary Radio  2019-04-09 00:28:50
 : Ice Worlds, A Moon Landing and Blasting an Asteroid
  Planetary Radio  2019-04-02 00:28:50
 : In the Lab with Planetary Scientist Sarah Hrst
  Planetary Radio  2019-03-26 00:28:50
 : Bill Nye and Planetary Radio Live at Extreme STEAM
  Planetary Radio  2019-03-19 00:28:50
 : Boosters, Breakthroughs and Budgets: Canada and the US Look Toward Space
  Planetary Radio  2019-03-13 00:28:50
 : China on the Final Frontier
  Planetary Radio  2019-03-05 00:28:50
 : An Israeli Lander Launches Toward the Moon
  Planetary Radio  2019-02-26 00:28:50
 : A Fond Farewell to Spirit and Opportunity
  Planetary Radio  2019-02-19 00:28:50
 : Watching the Births of Solar Systems
  Planetary Radio  2019-02-13 00:28:50
 : The DART Mission: Learning How to Swat Dangerous Asteroids
  Planetary Radio  2019-02-05 00:28:50
 : Where Do We Come From? The Origin of Life
  Planetary Radio  2019-01-29 00:28:50
 : Asteroid Bennu's Visitor From Earth
  Planetary Radio  2019-01-22 00:28:50
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