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 Rootstock Radio is a 30-minute community radio show that will be available as a podcast. Hosted by Theresa Marquez, the show will focus on food, farming, and family. Each show will illuminate and educate listeners about the good food movement— the challenges faced, the change makers and grass root initiatives that provide promising sparks—and provide solid information about what each of us can do to work toward a healthy, sustainable, and just food system.
Programs from Producer: Charlie Knower
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 : Terry Oxford, San Francisco Urban Rooftop Beekeeper.
  Charlie Knower 2019-02-18 00:29:00
 : Leah Penniman, Author Of Farming While Black
  Charlie Knower 2019-02-11 00:29:00
 : Reflections on feeding body and spirit in a world of change
  Charlie Knower 2019-02-04 00:29:00
 : Mai Nguyen, climate researcher, disaster management specialist, refugee resettlement service provider and farmer.
  Charlie Knower 2019-01-27 00:29:00
 : Alex Eaton, CEO and Co-Founder of the Mexico City Based International Renewable Resources Institute (IRRI-Mexico).
  Charlie Knower 2019-01-21 00:29:00
 : Florencia Ramirez, researcher, author and educator and author of Eat Less Water.
  Charlie Knower 2019-01-14 00:29:00
 : Jon Steinman, Author, Producer and Host of Deconstructing Dinner Podcast
  Charlie Knower 2019-01-07 00:29:00
 : Eric Holt Gimenez, Author and Executive Director of Food First
  Charlie Knower 2018-12-31 00:29:00
 : Raj Patel, The Rock Star of Social Justice Writing
  Charlie Knower 2018-12-24 00:29:00
 : Arty Mangan, Director of Bioneers Restorative Food System
  Charlie Knower 2018-12-17 00:29:00
 : A-dae Romero Briones, Director of Programs - Native Agriculture and Food Systems - for First Nations Development Institut
  Charlie Knower 2018-12-09 00:29:00
 : Starhawk, author, activist and permaculture designer
  Charlie Knower 2018-12-03 00:29:00
 : Kristy Drutman, Brown Girl Green
  Charlie Knower 2018-11-26 00:29:00
 : Mark Schapiro, Author of Seeds of Resistance
  Charlie Knower 2018-11-19 00:29:00
 : Ken Lee, Changing How Rice Is Grown Around the World.
  Charlie Knower 2018-11-12 00:29:00
 : Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin, Chief Strategy Officer for The Mainstreet Project.
  Charlie Knower 2018-11-04 00:29:00
 : Denise OBrien, Farmer, Organizer and Mid Term Candidate
  Charlie Knower 2018-10-29 00:29:00
 : John Ikerd, Professor, Farmer and Author.
  Charlie Knower 2018-10-21 00:29:00
 : Katharine Wilkinson, Reversing Global Warming!
  Charlie Knower 2018-10-14 00:29:00
 : Lola Milholland, Writer and Producer and Entrepreneur
  Charlie Knower 2018-10-08 00:29:00
 : Nick Hernandez, creating sustainable food systems at Pine Ridge.
  Charlie Knower 2018-09-30 00:29:00
 : LaRayia Gaston, Founder of Lunch On Me
  Charlie Knower 2018-09-23 00:29:00
 : Kristin Ohlson, Freelance Journalist and Author of The Soil Will Save US
  Charlie Knower 2018-09-17 00:29:00
 : Susan Futrell, author of Good Apples, Behind Every Bite.
  Charlie Knower 2018-09-09 00:29:00
 : Eric Holt Gimenez, Author and Executive Director of Food First
  Charlie Knower 2018-09-02 00:29:00
 : Rosalinda Guillen, widely recognized farmworker, justice leader and Executive Director of Community to Community.
  Charlie Knower 2018-08-27 00:29:00
 : Jonathon Kauffman, author of Hippie Food.
  Charlie Knower 2018-08-20 00:29:04
 : Julia Turshen, best selling author of Feed The Resistance
  Charlie Knower 2018-08-13 00:29:04
 : Atina Diffley, organic farmer, public speaker and author.
  Charlie Knower 2018-08-05 00:29:04
 : Pesticide Related Birth Defects
  Charlie Knower 2018-07-29 00:29:04
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