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 WASHINGTON, DC is the belly of the beast of international military and corporate power, is also a place of activism. It is where we come to speak truth to power in the streets and in the halls and assemblies of power. But you wouldn’t know about this activism based on what is covered in the corporate media. Even so-called progressive cable news outlets tend to focus instead on the jockeying of electoral politics. "On the Ground: Voices of Resistance" is dedicated to breaking the mold and broadcasting voices of people in the streets and in the suites working for social justice.

"On The Ground" is produced and hosted by Esther Iverem, an award-winning author, artist and activist. The show premiered on May Day, May 1, 2014 on WPFW Pacifica Radio, 89.3 FM in Washington, DC. While the debut was on Thursdays at 11 am EST, the show now airs on Fridays at 10 am EST and streams live at The dedicated online home and permanent archive is The Facebook and Twitter pages are /@OntheGroundShow.

Esther Iverem is an award-winning author, artist and activist. Her most recent creative project is the radio show “On The Ground,” which is dedicated to social justice activism and activists and is broadcast on WPFW ( Pacifica Radio in Washington, DC. Iverem’s most recent book is We Gotta Have It: Twenty Years of Seeing Black at the Movies, 1986-2006 (De Capo Press) and she is the author of two books of poems, The Time: Portrait of a Journey Home and Living in Babylon, (Africa Word Press). A former staff writer for several publications, including The Washington Post, New York Newsday and, she is founder of, a pioneering website for Black critical voices on arts, media and politics that is currently under redevelopment. She is also the recipient of numerous honors, including a National Arts Journalism Fellowship funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts and an artist’s fellowship from the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities.
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 : Unpaid Federal Workers Rally, Saying to Trump: 'You Are Not a King, I am Not a Pawn, This is Not a Game'
  Esther Iverem 2019-01-11 00:57:17
 : Unheard Voices Part One: Poets for Puerto Rico...On the Anniversary of Hurricane Maria
  Esther Iverem 2019-01-04 00:58:00
 : 2018 in Review With Historian Gerald Horne...The New Cold War With China...The New Climate Militancy...Aretha...And MUCH More
  Esther Iverem 2018-12-28 00:58:01
 : Debunking "Russian Influence" on African American Voters...What Does the Mike Flynn Case Prove?...Headlines on Clean Energy DC Act, Justice for Jakelin and More
  Esther Iverem 2018-12-21 00:56:41
 : The F-Word - Luqman Nation on Racist and Fascist Speak in U.S. Elections...Honoring Arthur Mitchell...Headlines on Yemen Vote, Climate, Health and More...
  Esther Iverem 2018-12-14 00:58:01
 : The Facts and Fiction of George H.W. Bush...The Segregationist Roots of the 'School Choice' Movement...Plus Headlines on the Green New Deal and More
  Esther Iverem 2018-12-07 00:58:00
 : Marc Lamont Hill's Palestine Solidarity Speech at the UN Earns Him a Pink Slip from CNN (Full Speech) ...EJ Activist Heads to Climate Conference in Poland...Plus Gerald Horne on the Dog Days of 'Russiagate' and More Headlines
  Esther Iverem 2018-11-30 00:58:00
 : Chris Hedges on His New Book: America, The Farewell Tour...A Black Lives Matter Victory in DC...Hate Crimes Rise in Capital Region...Plus Headlines
  Esther Iverem 2018-11-23 00:58:00
 : The F-Word: Ajamu Baraka on the Military-Industrial Complex...The Centennial of Armistice Day...Gerald Horne on Poland's 'White Power' March...And More...
  Esther Iverem 2018-11-16 00:58:00
 : The Unreported Voter Suppression in Maryland...EJ Activists and Journalist Jon Jeter on What the Midterm Elections Mean to Them...Headlines on Yemen, The Peace Congress and More
  Esther Iverem 2018-11-09 00:58:00
 : Jews and Allies Condemn Trump Outside White House...Gerald Horne on Trump and the 14th Amendment...Voices from the Shutdown of the PLO Mission...Plus Headlines
  Esther Iverem 2018-11-02 00:56:23
 : Medea Benjamin on Saudi Arabia, Khashoggi, Yemen and Iran...Jill Stein at the Women's March on the Pentagon...Plus Headlines on Police Brutality, Largest U.S. Oil Spill Ever and More...
  Esther Iverem 2018-10-26 00:58:00
 : DC-Area Student Activists Targeted by "Canary Mission" Speak Out...The F-Word: Abba Solomon on Israel as a Neofascist State...Plus Headlines
  Esther Iverem 2018-10-19 00:57:50
 : Gerald Horne on Suspected Murder of Journalist , a Fascist Rises in Brazil and Pence's Cold War Speech Against China...Finale of DC in the Era of Climate Change with Michele Roberts...Headlines on Health, Labor, BLM, Culture and More...
  Esther Iverem 2018-10-12 00:58:00
 : GOP Bullies at Home and Abroad...DC in the Era of Climate Change Part 4...Walter Mosley Interview Part 2...Headlines: Amazon, Afghanistan, Solar Energy and More...
  Esther Iverem 2018-10-05 00:58:00
 : After Dramatic Testimony, Senate Committee Votes on Kavanaugh...Author Walter Mosley...DC In the Era of Climate Change Part 3...Plus More Headlines
  Esther Iverem 2018-09-28 00:58:00
 : What If Public Transit Was Free?...Michael Moore Talks Before 11/9 Premiere...Heat on the Catholic Church...Gerald Horne on China
  Esther Iverem 2018-09-21 00:58:00
 : Ten Years After the 2008 Economic Crash...DC in the Era of Climate Change...Headlines on More War in Syria?...A Progressive Plan to Expand Social Security and More...
  Esther Iverem 2018-09-14 00:58:00
 : The People Say 'No' to Arctic Drilling...Indigenous Voices of Alaska Speak Out...Also, Youth from Standing Rock
  Esther Iverem 2018-09-06 00:57:31
 : Unheard Voices of Resistance, Part Two: DC Black Residents Speak Out on Police Brutality and Abuse
  Esther Iverem 2018-08-30 00:58:00
 : Unheard Voices of Resistance, Part One: DC Black Residents Speak Out on Police Brutality and Abuse
  Esther Iverem 2018-08-24 00:58:00
 : Unheard Voices Counter the 'Unite the Right 2' Rally at the White House...What is Happening in Venezuela?...Headlines on Keystone XL, Children Still Snatched from their Parents, Young Climate Activists Challenge Dems
  Esther Iverem 2018-08-17 00:58:10
 : Activists Prepare to Counter White House Rally by Neo-Nazis...Black Lives Matter Groups Hold 'Night Out for Safety and Liberation' Events ...Headlines on Climate, Water, Ferguson and More...
  Esther Iverem 2018-08-10 00:58:01
 : PLEASE USE SUB VERSION-How Children Are Impacted By Family Separation...A Region Effort to Protect Teen Girls...Headlines on Facebook, March on the NRA, Zimbabwe and More....
  Esther Iverem 2018-08-03 00:58:00
 : Makani Themba on Russia-phobia, Police brutality, the Kidnapping of Immigrant Children and the Movie 'Sorry to Bother You'...Gerald Horne on the BRICS Summit..Headlines on the Youth Climate March, Federal Workers Rally and More...
  Esther Iverem 2018-07-27 00:58:00
 : The F-Word: Gerald Horne on Reconsidering Fascism's Impact Around the Globe...CEOs vs. Workers Town Hall...Headlines on Youth Climate March, DC Protest Against ICE Raids...And More...
  Esther Iverem 2018-07-20 00:58:00
 : New Dangers for Undocumented Families?...DC Council Holds Hearing on Police Brutality...Headlines on the Supreme Court, Climate, International News and More...
  Esther Iverem 2018-07-12 00:58:00
 : 25 Years of Anti-Death Penalty Activism...Police Charged in Murder of Antwon Rose Jr...Headlines on Mexico's New President, Trump's Trade War and More...
  Esther Iverem 2018-07-05 00:58:00
 : 600 Arrested at Capitol Hill Protest to Keep Refugee Families Together...Gerald Horne on the Real History of the Supreme Court...Activists Speak Out on Controversial Court Decisions
  Esther Iverem 2018-06-28 00:58:00
 : 'Killing Gaza' Documentary Exposes Israel War Crimes...Activist Discusses Decision to Be Arrested...Gerald Horne on Legacy of Racist Child Separation...Poor People's Campaign Readies for Mass Rally...
  Esther Iverem 2018-06-21 00:58:01
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