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 "TrumpWatch with Jesse Lent" airs Wednesdays at 6:30pm on WBAI 99.5FM Pacifica Radio New York. Join us each week as we examine a different aspect of the Donald Trump administration.
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 : Rowan Jacobsen on his Huffington Post article Are We Handling The Bee Crisis All Wrong?
  Jesse Lent 2019-08-16 00:58:11
 : Thom Hartmann talks about his book The Hidden History of Guns in front of a live audience. (8/15/19)
  Jesse Lent 2019-08-15 00:57:39
 : call-in special: What are you boycotting right now?
  Jesse Lent 2019-08-14 00:55:55
 : What will reinterpreting the Endangered Species Act mean for threatened animals? (Ben Lefebvre)
  Jesse Lent 2019-08-14 00:27:14
 : Jay Cocks talks about his new series with Martin Scorsese at Film Forum.
  Jesse Lent 2019-08-13 00:58:01
 : Brenda Wineapple talks about her latest book The Impeachers.
  Jesse Lent 2019-08-08 00:57:33
 : Natalie Wexler on her book The Knowledge Gap which looks at the US education system
  Jesse Lent 2019-08-06 00:50:40
 : Marjorie Kelly and Ted Howard on The Making of a Democratic Economy
  Jesse Lent 2019-08-02 00:51:50
 : Alvin and Lawrence Ubell take your questions on summer home repair projects.
  Jesse Lent 2019-08-01 00:50:20
 : Chris Formant talks about his novel Saving Washington.
  Jesse Lent 2019-07-31 00:49:47
 : Robert Hennelly on the effect of the ridesharing economy on New York City taxi drivers
  Jesse Lent 2019-07-30 00:51:10
 : Legendary photographer Jay Maisel and director Stephen Wilkes on their new doc Jay Myself
  Jesse Lent 2019-07-29 00:50:36
 : Waad Al-Kateab, Dr. Hamza al-Kateab & Edward Watts on their doc For Sama
  Jesse Lent 2019-07-26 00:55:31
 : Will Russia hack our election systems again in 2020?
  Jesse Lent 2019-07-24 00:26:05
 : Matthew Shaer of the New York Times Magazine on the latest in brain science
  Jesse Lent 2019-07-23 00:53:07
 : Aaron Lake Smith on the greatness of underread Russian writer Vasily Grossman
  Jesse Lent 2019-07-22 00:55:39
 : Oscar-nominated Romanian director Radu Jude discusses I Do Not Care If We Go Down In History As Barbarians
  Jesse Lent 2019-07-19 00:58:36
 : Is the President's chief of staff building his own right-wing empire in the White House? (Lisa Rein)
  Jesse Lent 2019-07-17 00:26:40
 : Dr. Michael E. Webber talks about his book Power Trip: The Story of Energy.
  Jesse Lent 2019-07-16 00:58:38
 : David Corn and Dr. Kim Cobb on the difficulties of being a climate scientist
  Jesse Lent 2019-07-15 01:00:02
 : Ty Jones, Tiffany Rea-Fisher and Carl Cofield of the Classical Theatre of Harlem
  Jesse Lent 2019-07-12 00:59:40
 : Fraser MacDonald on his book Escape from Earth: A Secret History of the Space Rocket
  Jesse Lent 2019-07-11 00:58:03
 : Is there a culture of racism and misogyny among Border Patrol agents? (Ted Hesson)
  Jesse Lent 2019-07-10 00:27:10
 : Dr. Sarah Parcak on her book Archaeology from Space: How the Future Shapes Our Past
  Jesse Lent 2019-07-10 00:55:44
 : Helen Wussow talks about her new introduction to Virginia Woolf's The Hours.
  Jesse Lent 2019-07-09 00:58:15
 : William Dameron on The Lie: A Memoir of Two Marriages, Catfishing & Coming Out
  Jesse Lent 2019-07-08 00:58:31
 : Dr. Neeraj Kaushal on Blaming Immigrants: Nationalism and the Economics of Global Movement
  Jesse Lent 2019-07-05 00:57:59
 : Harlow Giles Unger joins Leonard for a discussion of founding father Dr. Benjamin Rush.
  Jesse Lent 2019-07-05 00:54:40
 : Who has the most influence with President Trump on foreign policy? (Adam Weinstein)
  Jesse Lent 2019-07-03 00:27:31
 : former New York Review of Books editor Ann Kjellberg on how to find what to read
  Jesse Lent 2019-07-03 00:59:01
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