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From The Vault 1 Hour Version  FTV 0532 Carlos Casteneda 1968 & Lila Downs 2001   
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This week on From The Vault we feature a rare 1968 recording of the Peruvian born American author, Carlos Castaneda about his first book, "The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge" originally published by the University of California Press as a work of Anthropology and has gone on to be an international best seller. We also will hear the music of the incomparable Lila Downs, the Mexican folk singer. We paired Lila Downs with Carlos Casteneda because of her own anthropological exploration into her own indigenous culture. Born in 1968 (the same year as the Castaneda recording) of an American father and Mixtec mother from Oaxaca, Mexico, she was raised in California as a teenager and went to College in her father's native state of Minnesota. It wasn't until her graduation from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Anthropology and voice that she chose to move back to Oaxaca and explore the languages of her mother Mixtec, Zapotec and Spanish as well as the pre-Columbian indigenous writings or codices. Lila's discovery of her indigenous roots is a central theme in much of her music.  Carlos Casteneda 1968 & Lila Downs 2001 
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Lila Downs first performed on Pacifica Radio in 1998, but the recording we present today is from her performance at a KPFK 90.7 FM benefit concert in 2001, the year before her song "Burn it Blue" from the film Frida, was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Song.

Now to the Carlos Castaneda interview. The year, 1968, Castaneda had just published his first of 12 books on his training as a traditional MesoAmerican Shaman. His books have sold over 8 million copies worldwide and have been translated in 17 languages. We'll talk more about the book in a minute. It's noteworthy to consider the interviewer in this recording. Theodore Rozcak was at the time a professor of history at Stanford university and in the same year, 1968 published his most famous text, The Making of Counter Culture, one of the first treatments explaining the counter culture of the radical 1960's.

To introduce you to the subject of the interview, Castaneda's book, "The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge" I will quote the 1998 forward to the book's 30th anniversary printing by Walter Goldschmidt a professor of anthropology at UCLA at the time of the publication.

Carlos Castaneda, under the tutelage of Don Juan, takes us through that moment of twilight, through that crack in the universe between daylight and dark into a world not merely other than our own, but of an entirely different order of reality.

Anthropology has taught us that the world is differently defined in different places. Don Juan has shown us glimpses of the world of a Yaqui sorcerer and Castaneda presents it in such a way that enables us to apprehend it with a reality that is utterly different from our own. This is the special virtue of this work. Castaneda asserts that this world has its own inner logic. He explains it from inside, as it were - from within his own rich and intensely personal experiences while under don Juan's tutelage - rather than to examine it in terms of our logic. Through this experience, Castaneda leads us to understand that our own world is a cultural construct and from the perception of other worlds, we see our own for what it is.

Abbreviated from Walter Goldschmidt Foreword
Now, here is Theodore Rozcak interviewing Carlos Castaneda in 1968 on From the vault
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