The Michael Slate Show:Neither Fascist Nor War Criminal - Let's Change It All! Carl Dix on The Conventions + "Recorded in Hollywood" 
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The Michael Slate Show  Neither Fascist Nor War Criminal - Let's Change It All! Carl Dix on The Conventions + "Recorded in Hollywood"   
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The Conventions

In Philadelphia, Hillary Clinton, flanked by her "diverse" crew of big-time exploiters and dominators, wannabes, and double-dealing, double-talking Democratic hustlers, is trying to lure and lull those who can't stomach Trump to line up behind the "inclusive" banner of a serial war criminal and proven aider and abettor of the mass imprisonment of Black youth! Many have been disgusted and alarmed by the "choice" offered in this election. Thousands have been in the streets.

Carl Dix will talk about who Hillary Clinton is, what it means to have an election where you can choose between a fascist and a war criminal, as well as the two futures that are confronting people. Carl Dix is a representative of the Revolutionary Communist Party, and co-founder, along with Cornel West, of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network.

Bob Avakian on the Election, and Internationalism

Two statements from Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party. First, a comment on Trump, Clinton, 'Lesser Evils,' and Revolution. Then, an excerpt from the DVD talk, BA Speaks: Revolution " Nothing Less! called Internationalism, The Whole World Comes First

Recorded in Hollywood

Recorded in Hollywood is the story of John Dolphin's record store, Dolphin's of Hollywood. This was not just a record store with with a DJ or an iconic music gathering place for rebellious teens of all races during a time of segregation. For many people who traveled to the original Central Avenue shop -- sometimes even secretly -- it was home. At the same time, it was hated by the establishment and attacked by the police.

We'll sit down with Producer Lou Spisto, and Author and Producer Jamelle Dolphin. 
Carl Dix (Revolutionary Communist Party, Stop Mass Incarceration Network); Bob Avakian (Chairman, Revolutionary Communist Party); Lou Spisto (Producer); Jamelle Dolphin (Author and Producer) 
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Henry Carson - Assistant Producer
Jeff Pryor - Production Assistant
Matt Cwiklinski - Production Assistant
Teddy Robinson - Engineer  
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