From The Vault 1 Hour Version:FTV 0537 David Riesman on America 1958 
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From The Vault 1 Hour Version  FTV 0537 David Riesman on America 1958   
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Harvard Sociologist David Riesman gives a talk on Aliexis De Toquesville's thoughts on American Democracy  Harvard Sociologist David Riesman 1958 
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Many people today long for that better America, when the Economy was purring, American Schools were the envy of the WORLD, the Middle Class exploded with livable wage jobs. Think back to that time when Middle class Americans could afford homes in the suburbs, and higher education, summer family vacations were the norm. These people usually refer to the Post World War II Middle Class expansion culminating in a decade usually referenced when people today refer to the good ol days.
In The Pacifica Radio Archives we have a series of lectures from America s pre eminent sociologist of the the1950 s David Riesman, a Harvard sociologist who spoke about this new post World War II phenomenon. In this first lecture, Riesman talks about Alexis de Tocqueville s thoughts on America. Tocqueville you will remember is the French diplomat and philosopher who took a trip throughout America in the early 1830 s, and wrote his masterpiece work Democracy in America published in 1835.

Maybe if we take a look back at the good Ol days when the good ol days were happening, we might learn something today.

Here is David Riesman from November of 1958 with his talk de Toqueville AND AMERICAN DEMOCRACY.
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David Riesman on America 1958 
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