Sprouts:4 Farmhouse Ales: Sips Suds & Smokes 
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Sprouts  4 Farmhouse Ales: Sips Suds & Smokes   
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Ursula Ruedenberg  Weekly Program  For non-profit use only. 
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DESCRIPTION OF SHOW. Sips, Suds, and Smokes is a weekly program discussing wine, tea, whiskey, beer, and cigars. This episode is a SUDS episode featuring 4 Farmhouse Ales. We discuss these beers and our favorite farmhouse ales. The beers featured on this show are:
Wicked Weed " Bombadile
Mystic " Mary of the Gale
Monkish " Brown Habit
Prairie Ale- Elizabeth
Four Beer Farmhouse Ale critics surrounded by barnyard animals 
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Sips, Suds, & Smokes is finishing it s 4th season with already 170 evergreen episodes and is distributed directly by One Tan Hand Productions. Weekly Sips, Suds, & Smokes episodes are available on PRX.

Sprouts is a weekly program that features local radio production and stories from many radio stations and local media groups around the world. It is produced in collaboration with community radio stations and independent producers across the country. The program is coordinated and distributed by Pacifica Radio and offered free of charge to all radio stations. For information, or if you would like to feature your work on Sprouts, contact Ursula Ruedenberg at ursula@pacifica.org.
Produced by One Tan Hand Productions, Music by: Maxwell Swing by Texas Gypsies and is licensed by the producer for broadcast. 
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View Script    08-31-2016  English 
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sprouts  128Kbps mp3 (26.55MB) Mono 
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