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Health Action  RULING IN MUMIA'S HEPATITIS C TREATMENT SUIT  Part 2 of Health Action for 20160912 
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In this segment host Bob Lederer will be discussing with his guests a major federal court ruling two weeks ago in the suit brought by political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal in August, 2015.

Mumia, who is 62 and serving a life sentence in a Pennsylvania prison, sued the state's Department of Corrections or DOC for denying him access to powerful drugs released in 2013 for hepatitis C viral infection, a dangerous liver disease which is growing among poor people and especially rampant in prisons. The drugs have been showing remarkable cure rates -- 90-95% -- but the pharmaceutical manufacturers are charging upwards of $60,000-$85,000 for the 12-week course of treatment necessary to obtain these results. Many prison systems, including Pennsylvania's, are withholding the drug from most incarcerated people -- just the latest in a long history of medical neglect and maltreatment of imprisoned people nationwide, and the specific history of efforts by prison authorities to allow Mumia to die.

After a long wait, on August 31, US District Court Judge Robert Mariani issued a ruling that found the DOC s Hepatitis C Treatment Protocol to be unconstitutional, a violation of the 8th Amendment which bars "cruel and unusual punishment." He declared the DOC engages in deliberate indifference to the known risks which follow from untreated chronic hepatitis C, and denounced the DOC for deliberately delaying treatment of prisoners until the prisoner experiences bleeding of the throat, liver failure, and/or liver cancer, among other deadly symptoms. Arguing that prisoners have rights to health care, he established that the standard of care for individuals with chronic Hepatitis C is no different within the prison walls than in the community."

However, Judge Mariani s ruling DENIED Mumia s motion for to order his immediate treatment. He cited a technicality " that Mumia s lawsuit did not name members of the DOC s Hepatitis C Care Committee, the body charged with treating prisoners with Hep C. But Mumia's attorneys say that body did not yet exist at the time Mumia filed his suit. They will be appealing this part of the ruling. 
Dr. Suzanne Ross & Joe Piette  
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Dr. Suzanne Ross has been a two-decade-long leader in the Free Mumia movement. She is a longtime spokesperson for International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal and, until recently, was co-chair of the New York Free Mumia Coalition. Dr. Ross was a witness at last December's federal court hearing on Mumia's lawsuit demanding immediate hepatitis C treatment.

Joe Piette was active in the Buffalo, NY Prisoners Solidarity Committee in the 1970s before and after the Attica Rebellion, and has been active in International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal since the 1990s in Philadelphia. 
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