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Sprouts  Sprouts John Coltrane Birthday Celebration   
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This week on Sprouts: The Pacifica Radio Archives celebrates John Coltrane's 90th Birthday September 23, 2016 with special rare recordings of john Coltrane from 1966 and a 2005 interview with his wife Alice Coltrane.
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This Pacifica Radio Archives gem showcases the legacy of John Coltrane through an interview with his wife Alice Coltrane, choice tracks of Coltrane music, and cuts from a rare interview with John Coltrane himself from 1966.

Coltrane is widely cited as a major influence on music, transcending divisions of music genre. Special permissions for music given by Alice Coltrane. Engineered by Oranyan Coltrane.

The interview with John Coltrane is rare and a classic. There are no other interviews with John Coltrane this length or this extensive.

The jazz musician John Coltrane, discusses his art, the meaning of music in human experience, and his particular spiritual approach with KPFK's Frank Kofsky. This rare interview was done less than a year before his death in November 1966.
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John Coltrane Birthday Celebration 
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