:Lennox S. Hinds - Against Racist and Political Repression 
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Not a Series  Lennox S. Hinds - Against Racist and Political Repression  Ending Corporate Control of the Polioce 
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Keynote speech at the Human Rights Awards of the Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression (CAARAPR) an organization that has its roots in the resistance to police repression in their communities organized by the Black Panthers and the murder of Fred Hampton and Mark Clark by the FBI, Mayor Daley of Chicago and the Chicago Police Department. The Panthers were organizing for civilian control of the police when they were murdered. Lennox Hinds speaks about the role of the police in protecting corporate profits and "whats to be done" to effect civilian control. CAARAPR is organizing in Chicago for a Civilian Police Accountability Council (CAPAC) which now has the support of 9 Alderman and as an Ordinance is now before the Chicago City Council. When passed it will end the impunity and lawlessness that the Mayor and council members have allowed some police who are terrorizing co-workers and citizens alike. Lennox Hinds addresses the dismal voting record of the United States on Human Rights at the UN and explains the 40 year delay in ratifying the Convention on Genocide. He explains that the US has inadvertently provided a path for Citizens to bring pressure on their government to end its political and racist repression of minorities.  Lennox Hinds 
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CPAC is the organizing chant.
Program recorded 2016-09-24
Lennox S. Hinds was Nelson Mandella's lawyer in the United States. He has defended political prisoners in the US and Internationally. He has written and lectures extensively in Africa, Europe, Asia and North America on international human rights issues and the impact of racism on the operation of the law, particularly the criminal justice systems of the United States. He teaches a Rutgers University and has represented Assata Shakur, the New York 8 and victims of police brutality and other government lawlessness including COINTELPRO. 
Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression

Politics and Activism | Poverty and Wealth | Environmental Racism | Human Rights | Police Brutality | Neoliberalism | Weapons Industry  
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