Sprouts:Vanishing Water Act: NASA Scientist on Our Changing Future  
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Sprouts  Vanishing Water Act: NASA Scientist on Our Changing Future   Research looks at the West and the world's dwindling water resources 
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Sprouts  Weekly Program  For non-profit use only. 
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Most people think of NASA as putting rockets into space and exploring our galaxy but the space agency does a lot of work studying Earth. And what they're learning has scientists concerned--especially about our water supply.

Sitting in a place they call the "mall" in the center of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory campus in Pasadena, California, it's shady and relaxing. Scientists confab at tables with umbrellas, sipping coffee, laptops open to graphs and charts. That's where H2O Radio's Frani Halperin met Jay Famiglietti, senior water scientist, to talk about NASA's latest missions. The space agency isn't just sending rockets to explore our galaxy "they're launching satellites to look back at Earth. Missions with names like "GRACE" are "amazing" "not just for their bird's-eye view of our home planet but for what that perspective is telling us about our challenging water future.  
Jay Famiglietti, senior water scientist, NASA  
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Sprouts is a weekly program that features local radio production and stories from many radio stations and local media groups around the world. It is produced in collaboration with community radio stations and independent producers across the country.

The program is coordinated and distributed by Pacifica Radio and offered free of charge to all radio stations. For information, or if you would like to feature your work on Sprouts, contact Ursula Ruedenberg at ursula@pacifica.org.  
Frani Halperin, executive producer, H2O Radio  
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