Sprouts:Community Rights and Fixing Democracy 
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Sprouts  Community Rights and Fixing Democracy   
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Along with a growing community of activists who grew weary of traditional activism after years of negligible results, Michelle Holman formed Community Rights Lane County (CRLC; communityrightslanecounty.org) in Oregon. Prior to that she had followed the well-worn path that citizens are expected to follow: writing letters, testifying at hearings, attending protests, and making our voices known to those with decision making authority, only to learn that the game was rigged and that the outcome was pre-determined to favor those corporate interests that seek to maximize profits at the expense of our communities. Michelle Holman presents "community rights" activism is a way to reclaim democracy in the face of a broken system.

Supported by the 2012 Community Environmental Legal Defense Funds (CELDF~celdf.org/) Democracy School school Michelle explains why being able to stop corporate harms from occurring in our communities is possible. 
Michelle Holman 
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Sprouts is a weekly program that features local radio production and stories from many radio stations and local media groups around the world. It is produced in collaboration with community radio stations and independent producers across the country. The program is coordinated and distributed by Pacifica Radio and offered free of charge to all radio stations. For information, or if you would like to feature your work on Sprouts, contact Ursula Ruedenberg at ursula@pacifica.org.  Michelle Holman

Florence City Club

Richard Koehler
KXCR Community Radio Florence Oregon  
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