The Poet and The Poem from the Library of Congress:Collective Voices 
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The Poet and The Poem from the Library of Congress  Collective Voices  Collective Voices 
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Mike Turpin The Poet and the Poem  Weekly Program  For non-profit use only. 
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Poetry and conversation  Collective Voices and Grace Cavalieri 
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Sistah Joy Founder of Collective Voices, the Washington, DC-based ensemble of poets, is known for her poems of social-consciousness. She has performed her poetry with her groups and as a solo artists throughout the U.S. and in London. Sistah Joy is also co-founder of the poetry groups, Sounds of Empowerment; Poets and Artists for Obama, and the Poetry & Jazz performance ensemble, Lyrical Rhythmz. Sistah Joy is the author of 3 books: Lord I'm Dancin' As Fast As I Can, This Garden Called Life, and From Pain to Empowerment " The Fabric of My Being

Ladi Di Sylvia Dianne Beverly She is an nternationally acclaimed poet, presenting poetry In Brixton, London, England, at the Lewisham Theater. A collection of her work is housed at George Washington University's Gelman Library. She has been featured at Smithsonian's Museum of History, African Arts Museum, Hirshorn Museum and other Smithsonians. Founder/director of Girls and Boys with Hearts youth poetry group. She is author of three books (Forever In Your Eyes, Cooking Up South and Poetry from Our Hearts).

Brenardo . Born as Andre' Brenardo Taylor, he has been writing poems and songs for two thirds of his life. Listeners have called him preacher, prophet, historian, revolutionary, troubadour. Four decades of writing provide abundant testimony. Brenardo's journey as a songwriter led him to a caf in 1996 where he encountered 'Spoken Word', and the poet in him began to flourish. Since then he has performed in venues alongside Tonya Marie Matthews, (Ja Hipsta) Reggie (Love Jones) Gibson, Gayle Danley, Saul Williams, and a host of other renown poets, such as Sonya Sanchez & Amiri Baraka.
Grace Cavalieri: Producer/Host
Mike Turpin: Engineer/Post production 
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Version 1: Collective Voices  
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View Script  Washington, DC  02-28-2017  English 
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