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Out-FM  ACT UP/NY 30th Anniversary Action   
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Thirty years ago, on March 24th the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power, or ACT UP for short, did its first non-violent civil disobedience action. 100 people, some with HIV or AIDS, were arrested that day protesting the high price of AZT, the only AIDS drug at the time. ACT UP would go on to use direct action protest to revolutionize the drug approval process, fight for life-saving social security disability benefits and housing, accellerate drug research and eventually launch an international campaign to give millions of people in the West and developing world, access to the newly created AIDS treatments. On March 30th, ACT UP commemorated its first action at a public street memorial and march and vowed to fight the epidemic until it is over.  Brent Nicholson Earl, Mark Milano, Iris, Reed Vreeland, Luis Santiago, Fernando Marscal, Eric Sawyer, Emily Sanderson  
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  John Riley 
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View Script  AIDS Memorial Park NYC & Union Square NY, NY  04-02-2017  English 
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