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Out-FM  Background on Anti-Gay Attacks in Chechnya   
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The politics of Chechnya and Russia is little known in the west. In this interview Tony Wood discusses how the war for independence of Chechnya and Russias response has lead to the current political situation. He also discusses the opportunism of the Chechnyan leadership and collusion with the Russian government has created this anti-gay rights situation that is difficult to fight in Chechnya. Tony Wood is the author of Chechnya: the Case for Independence, which was published by Verso Books in 2007  Tony Wood 
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The human rights crisis in Chechnya generated by the mass detention of hundreds of gay men, along with torture and outing of accused gay men to their families is generating a storm of outrage among LGBT activists and supporters. Last Saturday 60 activists from RUSA LGBT - Russian-Speaking American LGBT Association organized the event, groups attending the protest included Rise and Resist, ACT UP/NY all protested outside of the Russian Consulate in Manhattan. The politics of Chechnya are complicated by its recent history of repeated attempts to get independence from the USSR, and then the Russian Federation. Chechnya briefly had brief independence on two occasions since the fall of the USSR. Out-FM host John Riley interviews historian Tony Wood on what the relationship of the recent leaders have been to Putin and what that might mean for the LGBT movement. Wood is currently a doctoral student at NYU and a Russian speaker who visited Chechnya 10 years ago.   John Riley, host and engineer. 
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