The BradCast w/ Brad Friedman:'BradCast' 5/19/2017 (Guest: Former Asst. DA Ames Grawert of Brennan Center) 
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The BradCast w/ Brad Friedman  'BradCast' 5/19/2017 (Guest: Former Asst. DA Ames Grawert of Brennan Center)  Independent, investigative news, reporting, interviews and commentary 
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A new report today alleges that, during his Oval Office meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister and Ambassador the day after he fired FBI Director James Comey, Donald Trump described him to the Russian emissaries as 'crazy' and a 'real nut job'. Trump allegedly added that he had been facing 'great pressure because of Russia' which had been removed due to the firing. If true, the new report, based on documents from the White House, could serve as more evidence of obstruction of justice by the President, who has now departed for a nine day overseas trip. Foreign diplomats are reportedly making special preparations to deal with Trump, including plans to compliment him on his electoral college win and keep presentations short enough for his attention span. But lost among the sturm and drang over the Comey firing, and other revelations over the past week or so, is the fact that Trump's executive agencies, such as the EPA, Interior Dept. and Department of Justice, are moving ahead with some pretty troubling policies. Among them, Attorney General Jeff Sessions' new policies requiring federal prosecutors to charge defendants with the most serious crimes possible in order to, among other things, force judges to impose mandatory minimum sentencing. The new Trump Administration policies, rolling back Obama Era reforms, are being enacted despite decades of plummeting crime rates and broad bi-partisan efforts, both on the state and federal level, for criminal justice reform. Joining us to discuss the many concerns about Sessions' new guidelines is former New York Asst. District Attorney Ames Grawert, now counsel in the Justice Program at NYU's Brennan Center for Justice, and co-author of the new report, 'A Federal Agenda to Reduce Mass Incarceration'...  Brad friedman, Ames Grawert, Desi Doyen 
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  Host: Brad Friedman
Producer: Desi Doyen 
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