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John Singleton Talks Tupac, Directing While Black

** "It was part of my experience growing up in LA, and seeing how much my neighborhood changed once crack hit the streets, I saw it first hand - So this story has been in my head for many, many years and I was just like, I had to, I knew I had to tell it."

Directing While Black: Filmmaker John Singleton is on the line to Arts Express to talk about his latest production as creator, writer and director of the dramatic series, Snowfall. Exploring the racist history of how the US deep government through the CIA, conspired to profit from spreading crack addiction and mass incarceration across Singleton's home turf of South Central and inner city LA, and beyond - to illegally raise funds for the Contras in Nicaragua in order to assault and obliterate the Sandinista socialist revolutionary government there. Singleton - as the first ever African American to be nominated for an Oscar, for Boyz N The Hood at the age of just twenty-four in 1991 - describes his unique filmmaking approach as organic realism. And, walking away from his labor of love project, the biopic about the late rap icon Tupac Shakur, All Eyez On Me.

** "Sicilians were expecting the Americans to land at any moment, which goes a long way toward explaining the fact that this collaboration between the Americans and the Mafia was already underway - And one of the things that the Americans did through this collaboration, was they legitimized the Mafia."

And, before the Contras and even ISIS, there was...the Italian Mafia!
Apparently the US government, no stranger to hiring criminals for their war crimes around the world - in particular invasions and occupations in the interests of US exceptionalism and empire building, while extinguishing left movements and eradicating notions of self-determination in other countries - cut their imperialist teeth on such practices by nurturing and empowering the Mafia in WW II Sicily. Which meant recruiting them under the official guise of the US military freeing those assassins and torturers as so-called political prisoners - with the intent of installing a Mafia controlled political regime. And, in an Italy which was on the brink of choosing a communist government instead. And so the Mafia went about eradicating at the behest of the US government, communists and other left partisans fighting Mussolini's fascists - and many of them veterans of the brigades battling Franco fascism during the Spanish Civil War.

Shedding light on that shameful period in Italian - and US - history, is the writer, director and star of the darkly laced Italian comedy At War With Love, Pierfrancesco Diliberto - calling in while stuck in midtown traffic. And, what all of this had to do with the father of US organized crime, Lucky Luciano - and three Copacabana showgirls sent with him by the US government on his deportation back to Italy.

** "I am a woman carrying other women in my mouth - spirits demystified on my tongue, bodies haunted by pellet wounds in their chest."

Poetry Corner: African American movement poet Aja Monet reads from her work. A 'kaleidoscope of African American history' gleaned from wielding her art as a weapon for social justice. Along with her spoken word performance of 'My Mother Was A Freedom Fighter' at the January Women's March On Washington. Chris Butters reports.

** "We had a need, a desire to tell stories - with just an iPod, a mic, and some spooky stories."

Radio Drama Corner: The Fireside Mystery Theatre stops by Arts Express in performance. And Jack Shalom in a conversation with the creators and performers, Gus Rodriguez and Ali Silva. Dedicated to a revival of vintage radio drama in tribute to that captivating art form that once ruled the air waves - creating pictures with sound, 'suspense, lights out, and the comedy stuff too.'
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