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Watching a total solar eclipse is said to be a life-changing experience. We help you make the most of Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017. No eclipse glasses? A kitchen colander is an excellent Plan B. Plus, what was at stake when eclipse fever hit the country in 1878. Also, is there still science to be done with eclipse observations from the ground? And NASA turns up the heat with a mission to skim the Suns surface.   Seth Shostak, Molly Bentley, Gary Niederhoff, David Baron, Andrew Fraknoi, Jay Pasachoff, Madhulika Guhathakurta 
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They say that the experience of watching a total eclipse is so profound, youre not the same afterward. If life-changing events are your thing and youre in the lower 48 states on August 21st, let us help you make the most of viewing the Great American Solar Eclipse.

Learn the basics of where to be and what to bring, even on short notice. No eclipse glasses? Find out why a kitchen colander is an excellent Plan B.

Also, the strange behavior of animals and private jet pilots during an eclipse. The latter is making the FAA sweat.

Plus, how 1878 eclipse fever inspired Thomas Edison and astronomer Maria Mitchell, and what was at stake for them scientifically. And today, with astronauts able to view the Sun from space, what new science can we still learn by eclipse expeditions on Earth?

And, NASA turns up the heat on solar studies with a probe to within a hairs breadth of the Sun.  
Seth Shostak " Host and producer
Molly Bentley " Co-host and executive producer
Gary Niederhoff " Senior producer
Barbara Vance " Operations manager
Daniel Merino " intern
SETI Institute  
Science / Technology | Earth Sciences | Physical and Space Sciences | Science in Society | Space Science | Technology  
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