:Does Capitalism Have a Future? 
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Not a Series  Does Capitalism Have a Future?  Dr. Anthony DiMaggio  
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In the U.S., political-economic institutions are defined by an emerging crisis. Stagnant to weak economic growth characterizes the modern economy. Wall Streets rise to power has meant the financialization and destabilization of the economy, along with the attendance of mass distrust of corporate America. Ecological crisis threatens corporate capitalism more than any other force. Mass distrust also extends to business dominated political institutions. And yet, despite the rising distrust of societal institutions, numerous hurdles have prevented the articulation and development of viable alternatives to the status quo.

Dr. Anthony DiMaggio will examines sources of the growing crisis of confidence toward US institutions, and explore why a serious discussion of revolutionary politics has failed to materialize. He will discuss the major forces impeding social transformation, including the decline of public education and organized labor, which have been responsible for the deterioration of leftist politics and left public intellectualism. (OUL program) 
Dr. Anthony DiMaggio  
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Talk is lightly edited. Off mic questions are condensed.

See article by Dr. Anthony DiMaggio at Counterpunch
Higher Education Fallacies: Whats Behind Rising Conservative Distrust of Learning?
Open University of the Left

Dr. Anthony DiMaggio
Economics | Environment | Health | Society and Culture | Poverty and Wealth | Political Parties | Capitalism | Neoliberalism | Consumerism  
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