What's the Frequency, Kenneth?:" Never Better" ( Told Through Narration, Music and Soundbites) 
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What's the Frequency, Kenneth?  " Never Better" ( Told Through Narration, Music and Soundbites)   
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Paul Fischer  Specials  For non-profit use only. 
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Gen Kelly is in. Scaramucci is out. And all's NOT right with Trump And Co....or the world. Russia, North Korea, etc. etc. And, did daddy write Don Jr's excuse note about meeting with Russians about adoptions...when e mails reveal the subject of the meeting was a promise of Russian dirt on Hillary Clinton? (Told Through Narration, Music and Soundbites  paul fischer/host/writer 
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This program was run through software for voice overs, to reduce "clipping" and to "level" the audio  Musical Works
Title Artist Album Label Year Length
You Baby The Mamas And The Papas If You Can Believe Your Eyes And Ears. Dunhill Rec 1966 02:20
New York (radio edit) St. Vincent single . TBD 2017 02:34
Andata Riyuichi Sakamoto ( Oneohtrix Point Never Remix) single. Milan Rec 2017 04:20
Motion Sickness Phoebe Bridgers Stranger In The Alps. Dead Oceans Rec 2017 03:49
Sorry Is Gone Jessica Lea Mayfield Sorry Is Gone. ATO Rec 2017 03:21
That Thing Hazel English Just Give In/Never Going Home. Polyvinyl Rec 2017 03:21
Animated Violence Oh Sees ORC. Castle Face Rec 2017 05:06
Ostia Girl Lory D Strange Days Compilation Albums ( Vol. 5). Numbers Rec 2017 02:19
Ode To Joy ( Beethoven's Ninth- Fourth Movement)/ The March From A Clockwork Orange Wendy Carlos A Clockwork Orange Soundtrack Album. Warner Bros. Rec 1972 07:07
Blanket Me Hundred Waters single. OWSLA Rec 2017 04:54
No. 2 (Music Box) Sontag Shogun Patterns For Resonant Space LP. Youngbloods Rec 2017 02:34
Oh My My (Radio Edit) Smerz Have Fun EP. XL Rec 2017 02:40
Yr Heart (radio edit) Hand Habits Saddle Creek Document Series. Saddle Creek Rec 2017 04:48
Italian Conversation Quindar Hip Mobility. Butterscotch Rec 2017 03:45
Surfing On A Mindwave Pt. 2 Cornelius Mellow Waves. Rostrum Rec 2017 05:33
The Moon's Detriment Shannon Lay Living Water. Woodsist/Mare Rec 2017 02:35
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This program contains soundbites...including
excerpts of Q and A about Anthony Scaramucci out as White House Comm Dir. after 10 days at W.H. briefing...Montage/Mix/Mashup... with excerpt of Putin announces he's expelling 755 US diplomats and workers in retaliation for US sanctions... and excerpt of Trump on N. Korea... excerpt Trump introduces new White House Chief of Staff, Gen. Kelly... Collins mix...of various statements made by Sen. Susan Collins after she voted No on the latest Trumpcare vote in the Senate(MTP/SOTU).... Nat snd..McCain middle of the night thumbs down..the deciding NO vote on latest Trumpcare "skinny repeal" elicits gasps and approval... results of the Sen. vote are announced officially... Sen. Rep. Ldr, Mitch McConnell react to latest failure of Trumpcare vote...excerpts former House Speaker, John Boehner...correctly predicting failure of Senate to repeal and replace Obamacare during an event in Las Vegas ( remarks obtained by WaPo)...Murkowski montage...excerpts from Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R Alaska... walk and talk in Capitol hallway after her No vote on latest Trumpcare bill..and react to a threatening phone call she got from Interior Secy Zinke threatening retaliation against Alaska... Sens Ben Sasse R Nebraska and Lindsey Graham R S.C. warn Trump not to dump Attny Genl Sessions and/ or Special Prosecutor Bob Mueller...excerpt Q and A House Dem Ldr, Nancy Pelosi, is asked at weekly briefing about Trump's sudden tweet calling for dismissal of all transgender personnel from the US military services....excerpts Q and A White House daily briefing...Sarah Huckabee Sanders is asked about WaPo report that Trump wrote Don jr's misleading "excuse" note on his meeting with the Russians about "adoptions"... when Don jr, Jared, and Paul Manafort were actually invited to this meeting because they were promised Russian dirt on Hillary Clinton. From C Span, media and political websites...for illustrative, analysis and commentary purposes.
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View Script  NYC  08-01-2017  English 
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