YouthSpeaksOut!:YouthSpeaksOut! on "Revisioning High School, Part 5" 
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YouthSpeaksOut!  YouthSpeaksOut! on "Revisioning High School, Part 5"   
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Dan Roberts  Monthly Program  Contact producer for permission to broadcast. 
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A monthly 60 minute public affairs show hosted by high school students in Mendocino County CA.  Youth radio, Mendocino County, Public Affairs, education, high school, teenagers, next generation  
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This was an archive edition from 2014. Today our topic is Revisioning High School, Part 5. Over the 15 years of its existence, YouthSpeaksOut! has had 4 programs exploring the possible changes to the way in which we configure high school. All of these shows are available to listen to at our website
This version of Revisioning will begin with the insights of the current principal of the Willits Charter School, John Kirchiro. John was on a panel at an Educational Forum hosted by Leadership Mendocino last month. Johns remarks were recorded by our shows director, Dan Roberts, and edited into the 20 minute long segment we are about to hear. After we hear the recording we will describe our experiences with high school and then open the phone lines so that you can join in the discussion.
Here is the recording of John Kirchiro-
PLAY 20 minute long talk by John Kirchiro
You are listening to YouthSpeaksOut! The recording we just listened to was John Kirchiro, Principal of the Willits Charter School, speaking to an Educational Forum at Leadership Mendocino three weeks ago.
I am Rowyn from Laytonville High School, and (point to others, who will state their names and high schools).
One of the points that John made was that success in education is a shift from youth extrinsic motivation to intrinsic motivation. That is, developing an inner passion in the students to want to learn, to seek knowledge willingly instead of being forced to study. Lets go around and describe what subjects we have found ourselves personally motivated to study.
Another point John made was that the average American now changes jobs or career 8 times in a lifetime. A college degree is not a guarantee of a job. This means we need to develop flexibility and the ability to evolve our skills. Do you think that high school is preparing us to adapt to changing job markets?
John said that we should encourage the youth to chase the meaning rather than chase the money. What does this mean?
Were going to open the phone lines now. The phone number is 456-9991. Everyone is welcome to call, and wed especially like to encourage the youth, their parents, and concerned friends in the listening audience. Please call in if you have questions or insights about revisioning high school.
What parts of Johns talk made you think about your high school experience? Or that of your children?
How do you think that schools can cope with ever decreasing funds? If you had to cut out parts of high school what would you remove? What are the most essential parts of high school?
What parts of high school develop practical skills, life skills? Should there be a return to emphasizing job skills, like woodworking, culinary arts, auto mechanics, and carpentry?
Should high school be managed primarily as a preparation for college? Is college prep leaving students graduating from high school with no skills to earn a living?
Who should high school serve- students? community? staff? Who is served?  
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