:The Conflict in Venezuela and US Role 
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Not a Series  The Conflict in Venezuela and US Role  Lucas Koerner - writer for Venezuelanalysis.com 
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Lucas Koerner counters the disinformation campaign in the corporate press about Venezuela. He has been a writer at Venezuelanalysis.com for over 3 years and resides in Caracas.

He addresses the recent elections and explains the constitutional process and the constituent assembly, and what changes might be proposed by the assembly and why. He speaks of class and race hatred toward the mass of Venezuelan society that pervade the opposition and how its leadership trashed democratic institutions and initiated a reign of terror during the short lived coup of 2002.

Koerner also addresses the failings of the PSUV, the ruling party, corruption, communes, popular assemblies, and the grass roots militias that have kept pressure on the government to not compromise with the neoliberal efforts intent on destroying the basic gains in living standards of the Venezuelan masses achieved by the revolution. 
Lucas Koerner 
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The US government is right now threatening to heighten the economic war against the President Maduro government because it is holding the July 30 democratic election to a constituent assembly. The US backed Opposition is aiming to set up a parallel state/ alternative government and then call for US-OAS foreign intervention to make a coup. The US and Opposition see the popular Constituent Assembly as a threat to their coup plans. They are now trying to disrupt the July 30 vote for the Constituent Assembly, an Assembly which would open the possibility of taking decisive action against hoarding and violence, and which may push the revolution forward." (program)  Stan Smith - Venezuela Solidarity

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