Law and Disorder:Law and Disorder August 14, 2017 
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Law and Disorder  Law and Disorder August 14, 2017 
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Liz McIntyre / Anne Pollack 
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U.S. Employees Agree To Be Microchipped

In 2003, 500 of the largest corporations agreed to replace universal product codes or barcodes with tiny microchips creating the Electronic Bar Code or EBC. Since then weve reported how the RFID chip or radio frequency identification has intruded into our daily lives. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and theyre embedded into nearly all most consumer products for many reasons including shipping, inventory and marketing.

Among the corporate patents and plans for RFID use are implantable microchips for humans. The microchip antenna encapsulated in glass is injected into the flesh. Sixteen years and several name changes later, microchip companies such as Applied Digital Solutions, once known as Verichip are at it again. Recently, fifty employees with a tech company in Winsconsin agreed to have a microchip embedded into their flesh.

Guest " Liz McIntyre, a consumer privacy expert who is coauthor of a series of books about the societal implications of microchip tracking technology, including Spychips: How Major Corporations and Government Plan to Track your Every Purchase and Watch Your Every Move.


PTSD Therapy For Human Trafficking Survivors

Nearly all survivors of human trafficking are affected by post traumatic stress syndrome and have difficulty assimilating back into the society. Most have managed to silently cope with the emotional and physical trauma of their past. The New York-based organization Crossing Point Arts was created help survivors heal through the arts, including singing, creative art and poetry.

The group provides free art workshops supervised by Creative Arts Therapists. The strategy is based on providing learn long-term coping mechanisms and better manage their PTSD symptoms.

Crossing Point Arts has reached nearly 2,000 survivors in art workshops. The workshops are held on the premises of local anti-trafficking agencies as part of a comprehensive program for survivors, which includes housing, legal and medical assistance, traditional therapy, educational guidance and a range of emotional support.

Guest " Anne Pollack is the Crossing Point Arts founder and executive director. Anne is a musician, visual artist, writer, student of dance and an activist. YourFluteWorks
Two of the top progressive lawyers and activists in the growing fight for civil liberties, civil rights and human rights host a weekly/one hour talk radio show, Law and Disorder.

The hosts are:

Heidi Boghosian, Executive Dir. of the A.J. Muste Memorial Institute

Michael Smith - NY Attorney and author  
Politics and Activism | Science / Technology | International News | Local News | National News | Governance / Law | Human Rights | Civil Liberties | Privacy | Computers and Internet  
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