The Michael Slate Show:Lies the System Tells Us: Bruce Cumings, the Truth about US Provocations against North Korea; Travis Morales, Hurricane Harvey, A Natural Disaster, the Crisis of a System 
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The Michael Slate Show  Lies the System Tells Us: Bruce Cumings, the Truth about US Provocations against North Korea; Travis Morales, Hurricane Harvey, A Natural Disaster, the Crisis of a System   
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Bruce Cumings on the New Danger of War with North Korea. Recently, North Korea fired an intermediate-range ballistic missile 1,700 miles into the Western Pacific Ocean. The missile passed over the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, ratcheting up the threat of a war that would likely result in tens of thousands of deaths just in the first few hours. Trump declared that "all options on the table," which everyone understands includes the threat to use massive military force, including nuclear weapons. But who's threatening whom here? And what do people need to do? We'll hear from Dr. Bruce Cumings, the Gustavus F. and Ann M. Swift Distinguished Service Professor in History, at the University of Chicago, and author of many books, including The Korean War, and Inventing the Axis of Evil, the Truth about North Korea, Iran and Syria (contributor).

Hurricane Harvey: A Natural Disaster, the Crisis of a System. On August 25, Hurricane Harvey tore into the Texas Gulf Coast. This storm, and the unprecedented deluge of rain, brought a catastrophe of mammoth proportions. Thousands of homes were destroyed or severely damaged, along with crucial infrastructure. Millions of peoples lives have been thrown into a desperate struggle for survival. Many of these people are poor Chicano, immigrant, and Black people who have worked on the docks and refineries of the area, or toiled in the rice, cotton, and cane fields, or been relegated to dilapidated urban slums and unincorporated rural colonias. Or, people already living on the edge in Houston, including thousands of homeless people.
Travis Morales, a writer for Revolution/, has been in Houston since before the hurricane began. He'll talk about why this is a crime of the system, what's going on among the people, and how a socialist system would respond to natural disasters.  
Bruce Cumings (Historian, author, professor); Travis Morales (Writer for Revolution/ 
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