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** "I'm someone who still likes to read books and hold them in my hand."

Toronto Film Festival. Ex Libris: The New York Public Library. A Conversation With Director Frederick Wiseman. Discussing the eminent veteran filmmaker's latest documentary celebrating public libraries as so much more than repositories for books. And in effect, a powerful blueprint for saving public libraries from greedy predatory urban removal real estate developers, intent on demolishing them and grabbing the land right under them - in effect libraries as community centers for the masses by default, in a society lacking them under capitalism.

And Ex Libris as a showcase for the treasure trove to be found in libraries, touching on archival material not available online; historic picture files of unicorns, shoes, pickles, somebody holding an umbrella - and lots of those pictures apparently stolen by Andy Warhold. Along with distinguished library guest lecture series by, say Elvis Costello 'explaining why it's appropriate in light of her attack on working people, to be stomping on Margaret Thatcher's grave.'

**NY Film Festival: The Other Side Of Hope. A look at one of the many current festival films around the world focusing on the refugee crisis. In this case, Finnish director Aki Kaurismaki's dramatic tale of an undocumented Syrian refugee surviving homelessness and white supremacy racism in 'Hell'sinki.

**Venice Film Festival: Bro On The World Film Beat: Arts Express Paris correspondent Professor Dennis Broe with his Wrap-Up Report at the Venice Film Festival - many features which will open here soon. And including topics about climate, poverty, Hamlet in the Cold War, and a tailor arriving in a refugee camp with only a sewing machine.

** "What good is this paper rattling in my hand, when I'm walking down the dark stairs..."

Poetry Corner: Constance Norgren reads from her work. Summoning poetic imagery from jazz, deep summer, hoodies, refrigerator doors, corner neighborhood stores, and 'Trayvon's eyes alive in photographs only.'

**Best Of The Net Hotspot: How To Explain White Supremacy To A White Supremacist.
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