What's the Frequency, Kenneth?:"Hot Mic...Warmed Over Politics...And Cold Facts. ( Told Through Narration, Music and Soundbites) 
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What's the Frequency, Kenneth?  "Hot Mic...Warmed Over Politics...And Cold Facts. ( Told Through Narration, Music and Soundbites)   
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Paul Fischer  Specials  For non-profit use only. 
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Sen. Dem. Ldr, Chuck Schumer on hot mic talks about his White House dinner with Trump and DACA dealing... Is a DACA deal really in the works? And another repeal and replace GOP vote in Congress? And Yes, Trump really did call Kim "rocket man" out loud at the U.N. And the Russia investigaton? Don't even ask. And that's just for starters in another slow news week  paul fischer/host/writer 
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This program was run through filters for voice-overs and to reduce "clipping" and "level" the audio.  Musical Works
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Voices Carry Til Tuesday Voices Carry. Epic Rec 1985 04:20
U G Nosaj Thing Parallels. Innovative Leisure Rec 2017 04:21
Symbol Tunde Olaniran single. Magic Wheel Rec 2017 03:20
Siren Emily Haines And The Soft Skeleton Choir Of The Mind. Last Gang Rec 2017 04:41
From Here Lomelda Thx. Double Double Whammy Rec 2017 04:23
Dum Surfer (Radio Edit) King Krule The Ooz. True Panther Sounds 2017 04:33
Ionia Ben Frost The Centre Cannot Hold. Mute Rec 2017 06:49
How It Gets In Frightened Rabbit ft. Julien Baker Recorded Songs. Atlantic Rec 2017 02:41
Come Down Here And Say That Deerhoof ft. Laetitia Sadler Mountain Moves. Joyful Noise Rec 2017 03:20
The Gate Bjork TBD. One Little Indian Rec 2017 06:34
Lame Marius Existence Problem EP. Pelican Fly Rec 2017 03:52
Rocket Man Elton John Honky Chateau. Uni Rec 1972 04:40
Scientists Four Tet New Energy. self released Four Tet 2017 04:55
async Ryuichi Sakamoto (Arca Remix) async remodels. Milan Rec 2017 03:43
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This program contains soundbites...including Sen Dem Ldr, Chuck Schumer.. excerpts on "hot mic" talking about his DACA dinner with Trump at W.H. etc.... excerpt Trump AGAIN says both sides to blame for Charlottesville... DACA and wall dealing Montage/Mix/Mashup...with excerpts of Trump on both...excerpts Q and A Pelosi on White House dinner and DACA...excerpts Schumer on DACA and Wall...excerpts Pelosi shouted down at DACA rally in San Fran by protestors demanding immediate citizenship for DACA and other undocumented immigrants.. excerpts Q and A House Speaker Ryan insists there's no DACA deal...without GOP congress input... Montage/Mix/Mashup...repeal and replace AGAIN...with excerpts of Bernie Sanders and supporters on Medicare for all...excerpt Sen. Schumer does not endorse Sanders healthcare plan....W.H. daily briefing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is asked about Medicare for all Sanders plan...excerpts Sen. Lindsey Graham unveils latest version of GOP repeal and replace...Sen. Maj. Ldr, Mitch McConnell says GOP will vote on this latest Trumpcare version before the deadline at end of month...without getting CBO score on how many may lose healthcare under this version..Schumer says passing it would ruin bipartisan cooperation on a whole bunch of legislation... Pres. Trump threatens to destroy North Korea and "rocket man" Kim Jong Un during speech to UN General Assembly... amid new revelations on Russia investigation..excerpts Cassini's final dive into Saturn....after 13 year mission to explore Saturn and its many moons (JPL.gov)....from C Span, media and political websites...for illustrative, analysis and commentary purposes.
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