Wickline Songs:ENOUGH!(Gun violence) BUMPER(:60) 
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Wickline Songs  ENOUGH!(Gun violence) BUMPER(:60)  ENOUGH!!(Gun violence) 
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Bob Wickline  Music By Permission Of The Artist  For non-profit use only. 
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"To many people are gunned down
in America each and everyday
because guns are more protected
than people in the USA!

If more guns could end gun violence,
America should be violence free
cause there is no other nation
with more guns and wmd!

They risk our lives each time they kill
life-saving regulations
that protect, defend, and guard us
from the greed of Corporations!

Why do they protect life so religiously
from conception to a baby's birth
then ignore its health, safety, and welfare
once it's born upon this Earth?

There are many more sane solutions
than more guns and talking tough!
How many more guns?
How many more dead before we say,"ENOUGH!"? 
Notes: Credits:
  By Bob Wickline/Cascade Mountain Music 
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