What's the Frequency, Kenneth?:SCOTUS And The Gerrymander... T-Rex (Tillerson, Rex)..Animals In The News....Misogyny Loves Company 2017....( Told Through Narration, Music, and Soundbites) 
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What's the Frequency, Kenneth?  SCOTUS And The Gerrymander... T-Rex (Tillerson, Rex)..Animals In The News....Misogyny Loves Company 2017....( Told Through Narration, Music, and Soundbites)   
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Paul Fischer  Specials  For non-profit use only. 
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Forget the Russians meddling in the election for a minute ( Did I really say that?) There's the matter of whether your vote matters...because state legislatures have honed the art and science of gerrymandering to such a degree, The Supreme Court heard oral arguments..and released the audio of it.. on whether it's unconstitutional. Also, Rex and the "moron".. Gen. Mattis and the Iranians..Sen.Corker uncorked on Trump..Nancy and Chuck and what do dems do now? . During a House debate on hunting in a federal preserve...Rep Young R Alaska..calls Rep. Jayapal D Wa. State...."young lady" and says she doesn't know a damn thing on the subject. Speaking of misogyny...Trump and Company now allow employers and insurance companies to stop covering birth control. (Told Through Narration, Music and Soundbites) Read the full description.  paul fischer writer/host 
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World Won't Stop Jessica Lea Mayfield Sorry Is Gone. ATO Rec 2017 03:02
Ariadna Kedr Livanksy Ariadna. MR 2 Rec 2017 05:30
Losing All Sense Grizzly Bear Painted Ruins. RCA Rec 2017 05:12
Bang A Gong (Get It On) T-Rex Electric Warrior. Reprise Rec 1971 04:22
Ionia (Remix) Ben Frost ( Jlin Remix) The Centre Cannot Hold. Mute Rec 2017 03:31
Stay,Go (Go, Stay) L'Rain L'Rain. Astro Nautico Rec 2017 04:42
It's A Shame First-Aid Kit single. Sony Rec 2017 04:02
On Hold (Remix) The xx ( Jamie xx remix) single. self released Jamie xx 2017 06:12
Law And Panda Weaves Wide Open. Memphis Industries Rec 2017 03:04
Wisp D-33-J ft. Baths Death Valley Oasis. Anticon Rec 2017 04:06
The Woman You Want Her To Be The Blow Brand New Abyss. self released The Blow 2017 05:25
Mad As Hell US Girls single. TBD 2017 03:00
The Real Tracy Bonham ft. Sadie Dupuis Modern Burdens. Late Cambrian Rec 2017 03:24
And Saints Sleigh Bells Kid Kruschev. Torn Clean rec 2017 02:49
Lotto In Reverse (Radio Edit) Alex Lahey I Love You Like A Brother. Dead Oceans Rec 2017 04:00
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This program contains soundbites...including...SCOTUS oral arguments on whether Wisconsin gerrymandered districts are so partisan and precise...they're unconstititutional..with excerpts of lawyer for state of Wisconsin, Misha Tseytlin..Justice Kagan...Justice Ginsburg..lawyer for Wisc. legislature, Erin Murphy...Justice Kennedy...Justice Sotomayor..Paul Smith, attny suing against gerrymander districts...Justice Gorsuch wonders aloud whether this merits SCOTUS consideration for constitutionality...Justice Ginsburg has a short, sharp response....excerpts Secy of State Tillerson denies he threatened to quit...sidesteps question on whether he called Trump a moron....Q and A Capitol Hill hallway gaggle with Sen. For Rel. Chmn, Bob Corker, defending Tillerson et. al..as the ones keeping Trump chaos at bay...excerpts Q and A Def. Secy Mattis is asked by Sen. Armed Services Committee if he thinks Iran nuke deal should stay in effect......excerpts turmoil in Congress...including W.H. briefing Q and A....spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders is asked if Trump is reneging on DACA deal with Nancy and Chuck by demanding money for the wall...Linda Sanchez D Ca...vice chair of dem caucus...says it's time for new leadership to replace Chuck and Nancy....excerpts from recent House floor debate on whether to rollback Obama rules restricting hunting practices in a fed preserve...during which, Rep Young R Alaska calls Rep Jayapal of Seattle "young lady" and says she doesn't know a "damn thing". Young apologizes. Jayapal accepts. excerpts White House daily briefing...Huckabee Sanders is asked about new White House rule allowing employers and health insurers to deny birth control coverage on religious/moral grounds... from C Span, media and political websites...for illustrative, analysis and commentary purposes.
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