Progressive Spirit:Mindfulness in Education and Economics 
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Progressive Spirit  Mindfulness in Education and Economics  Bring Buddhism to Economics and Mindfulness to Education. 
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John Shuck  Weekly Program  For non-profit use only. 
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**This is an encore presentation of an episode originally broadcast in May 2017**

What if we brought mindfulness to schools and Buddhism to economics?

Clair Brown teaches at Cal Berkely and is the author of Buddhist Economics: An Enlightened Approach to the Dismal Science.

Caverly Morgan is the founder of "Peace in Schools," the first for credit high school mindfulness course in the nation.

What if we brought mindfulness to schools and Buddhism to economics? We just might make a more compassionate world.

:00-26:00 Caverly Morgan Interview
26:30-53:00 Clair Brown Interview 
Caverly Morgan, Director of Peace in Schools and Claire Brown, Professor of Economics at Cal Berkeley  
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:00 - :01. BillboardIn cue: "What if we brought mindfulness to schools and Buddhism to economics.Out cue: "Stay with us..." (music fade)

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:02 - 26:30 Segment AIn cue: "For the Pacifica Radio Network..."Out cue: "Stay with us."

26:30 " 27:30 Music BreakIn cue: (One second silence)Out cue: (One second silence)

27:30 " 54:00 Segment BIn cue: "This is Progressive Spirit. Progressive Spirit Dot net..."Out cue: "And Im Entitled to think my opinion" 
All Things Must Pass George Harrison All Things Must Pass Apple 1970 1:00

"Your Life Now" John Cougar Mellencamp John Mellencamp. Columbia 1996 01:00 
Economics | Family / Education | Society and Culture | Mental Health | Capitalism | Socialism | Voluntary Simplicity | Philosophy of Religion | Religion in Society | Buddhism  
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