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Not a Series  Nuclear Power- No meaningful effect on reversing climate change   Arnie Gundersen - Fairewinds Energy Education 
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Speaking on the environment and nuclear power, Arnie Gundersen briefly explains the relationship of CO2 in the Earth's atmosphere and the increasing global average temperature resulting from burning fossil fuels to meet energy needs. Nuclear power advocates promote their technology as a way to reduce carbon build up in the atmosphere. Gundersen debunks that assertion flat out. He offers the nuclear industry's own data to make his case that the CO2 reduction from nuclear power is insignificant, .009 GT per plant, and that the time line to build, 20 years, is too long and too expensive, 8Trillion dollars for 1000 new units, that the industry claims are needed. Solar and wind can now do more, faster, with a lower start up cost, and when coupled to the battery storage system that Elon Musk has demonstrated can be affordably built, now has the stability to reliably provide current and future energy needs.  Arnie Gundersen 
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Short intro by Dave Kraft, NEIS, just off mic, but audio quality improves after. This talk part of a speaking tour in Chicago organized by NEIS to counter the propaganda spun by the University of Chicago in their official program to mark the 75th anniversary of the first sustained nuclear chain reaction, December 12th, 1942.

That much heralded experiment, originally planned for a remote area West of Chicago, where the Argonne National Lab is now located, was moved onto the University of Chicago's Hyde Park campus due to a labor dispute. It is rarely acknowledged for its reckless endangerment of the urban and student community it placed at risk or for the cancers, mutations, genetic disorders, disrupted immune systems, and physiological burden from the enormity of the violence subsequently available for war, all of which have contributed to the diminished quality of life experienced by the mostly non-consenting and misinformed humans that its "success" has impinged on.

During his talk Gundersen mentions 400ppm CO2 as the current level of that gas and 350 ppm as the "safe" level of CO2, as promoted by the group 350.org. Actually the Earth is past 490 ppme when the other heat trapping gasses are included in the mix; something the IPCC has not yet done. But more importantly is the fact that corporations and banks have suppressed the fact, one that global indigenous leaders identified in 2010, that 300ppm CO2 is the level at which life in the ecosystems we know remains sustainable. See link:


Arnie Gundersen, Fairewinds Energy - http://www.fairewinds.org/
Nuclear Energy Information Service -
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