TUC Radio:"Evolution of Organic" by Mark Kitchell  
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TUC Radio  "Evolution of Organic" by Mark Kitchell   A new film on the history of organic agriculture told by those who built the movement 
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TUC Radio  Weekly Program  For non-profit use only. 
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After WWII industrial, chemical agriculture almost erased the memory of farming and gardening as practiced for millennia. Even before the 1960s back to the land movement put out a flamboyant reminder for safe food free from oil based fertilizers and insecticides individual, unknown farmers and organizations preserved the ancient heritage.

Director and writer Mark Kitchell, best known for his movies: Berkeley in the Sixties and his environmental film A Fierce Green Fire decided to document the many sources for the Evolution of Organic. The film is going into distribution in early 2018.

Kitchell's goal was to cover the range of practices and ideals that inspired the resistance to chemical agriculture, from Alan Chadwick to Rachel Carson to Rudolf Steiners Biodynamic philosophy. And the film eventually brings the history forward to today where organics in some ways reached their own production and distribution of scale, while other small scale farmers protect their specialties and local neighbor to neighbor support systems.

The film is 86 minutes long and this program presents ca 25 minutes of intriguing clips across generations. The narrator is Frances Mc Dormand.

The web site for the film is http://evolutionoforganic.com/ 
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  Mark Kitchell 
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View Script  California  12-11-2017  English 
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