Progressive Spirit:It Came From Beyond Zen 
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Progressive Spirit  It Came From Beyond Zen  A conversation with Soto Zen Priest, Brad Warner. 
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John Shuck  Weekly Program  For non-profit use only. 
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Brad Warner is a Soto Zen priest. He also plays bass for the punk band, Zero Defex. And he plays a zen priest named Brad in the important film, Zombie Bounty Hunter, M.D. He also has a curious interest in the 13th century Japanese Zen Master, Dogen. He is in the process of translating Dogens work for a modern audience. In the course of the hour, we are going to explore a lot of stuff including Brad Warner's two books based on Dogens work. They are Dont Be A Jerk and Other Practical Advice from Dogen, Japans Greatest Zen Master and It Came from Beyond Zen! More Pratical Advice from Dogen, Japans Greatest Zen Master. Brads website is

Brad Warner is a Zen priest, filmmaker, blogger, and Japanese monster-movie marketer. Hes the author of Hardcore Zen; Sit Down & Shut Up; Sex, Sin & Zen; and most recently, There Is No God and He Is Always with You. The Huffington Post recently named him one of the top Buddhists to follow on Twitter and his writing appears in media ranging from Tricycle and Shambhala Sun to  
Soto Zen priest, Brad Warner 
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A 27 Minute version is available at Progressive Spirit 27 min.

*NOTE: This program is newscast-compatible. If you dont have news, there is after the one-minute billboard at the top a :60 musical break. There is also a 60-second mid-show break for local announcements.

:00 - :01. Billboard
In cue: Brad Warner is a Soto Zen Priest
Out cue: Stick Around..." (music fade)

:01 - :02. Music Break 1 Where Are the Kids Tonight Zero Defex
In cue: Music in
Out cue: Music fade

:02 " 29:14 Segment A
In cue: (music) "For the Pacifica Radio Network, PRX
Out cue: stick around."

29:14 " 30:14 Music Break 2 Hey Tommy Strange, Zero Defex
In cue: (One second silence)
Out cue: (One second silence)

30:14 " 54:00 Segment B
In cue: (Music) Brad Warners my guest
Out cue: "Be well." (music out) 
Where Are the Kids Tonight Zero Defex The New Hope Volume 2.1. Smog Veil Records 2010 01:00

Drop the A Bomb On Me Zero Defex The New Hope. Smog Veil Records 2010 :08

Hey Tommy Strange Zero Defex Odfx. Get Revenge Records 2008 01:00 
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