The Beloved Community:US-Saudi Coalition: Bringing Peace or War? 
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The Beloved Community  US-Saudi Coalition: Bringing Peace or War?  Interviews with Catherine Shakdam, Scott Bennett, and Aisha Jumaan about US Saudi War in Yemen 
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John Shuck  Monthly Program  For non-profit use only. 
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This is a recording of a live broadcast that aired January 12th on KBOO/Portland.

This program has been edited removing call letters, local announcements, and phone numbers for national broadcast.

John Shuck spoke with Catherine Shakdam, Scott Bennett, and Aisha Jumaan.

They will be three of the headliners at a conference taking place at Portland State University on February 3rd, entitled, "U.S. - Saudi Coalition: Bringing Peace or War?" The conference is hosted by Roots of Conflict.

Joining John in the studio was Hanan Alzubaidy and Manijeh Mehrnoosh, who are hosting the conference.


Catherine Shakdam has been instrumental in breaking media silence over Yemens war. She is the author of Arabias Rising " Under The Banner Of The First Imam, A Tale Of Grand Resistance " Yemen, the Wahhabi, and the House of Saud, and From Mecca to Karbala " Walking with the Holy household of the Prophet.

Scott Bennett is a former US Psychological Operations-Counterterrorism Analyst. He is a whistleblower and the author of Shell Game: A Military Whistleblowing Report to Congress.

Aisha Jumaan is a public-health specialist working as a consultant on heath-related projects in Yemen. Jumaan worked at PATH directing their HPV vaccine project from 2008-2010; at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from 1995-2008; and as a CDC consultant from 2010-2012. 
Catherine Shakdam-Geopolitical Analyst, Scott Bennett-US Army Whistleblower, Aisha Jumaan-Yemeni Activist  
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15:37-16:44 War, Edwin Starr

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34:01-34:57 Steve Earle, Rich Man's War

50:45-51:50 Why Can't We Be Friends, War
War, Edwin Starr, War and Peace, Gordy, 1970, 1:07

Rich Man's War, Steve Earle, The Revolution Starts Now, E-Squared/Artemmis, 2004, :56

Why Can't We Be Friends, War, Why Can't We Be Friends?, ABC, United Artists, 1975, 1:05 
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