The BradCast w/ Brad Friedman:'BradCast' 2/8/2018 (White House Beats Back Yet Another Staffing Black Eye) 
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The BradCast w/ Brad Friedman  'BradCast' 2/8/2018 (White House Beats Back Yet Another Staffing Black Eye)  Independent, investigative news, reporting, interviews and commentary 
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Brad Friedman  Daily Program  For non-profit use only. 
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As Congress struggles to pass a spending bill and avoid another government shutdown, the White House was busy on Thursday fending off much-deserved criticism for allowing an alleged domestic abuser to serve as a top Oval Office official for the past year. White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter finally resigned on Wednesday, but not before Trump's Chief of Staff John Kelly fought hard to keep him on board and sang his praises, even after reportedly being told long ago that Porter's two former wives had both accused him of physical and emotional abuse. Despite failing background check and being unable to obtain a security checks, Porter had been handling the nation's most classified information. We cover many of the developing details in the grotesque story, including some of the remarkable reaction to it " and lack thereof from so-called family values organizations. Then: 2018 Affordable Care Act enrollment numbers are finally in, and suggest that Americans, even in states won by Trump in 2016, sure do like ObamaCare! Nonetheless, the White House and Republican states are still doing all they can to take health coverage away from Americans, particularly those that need it most, with several GOP states applying for waivers to install lifetime caps on the use of Medicaid for the first time in the history of the crucial social safety net program. Finally, Desi Doyen joins us for the latest 'Green News Report', in which Trump's EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt uses your public airwaves to double-down on lies about climate change, Dunkin' Donuts ditches foam cups (well, eventually, anyway) and California fends off the Trump Administration's hopes of expanding offshore drilling off the Golden State coast...  Brad Friedman, Desi Doyen 
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  Host: Brad Friedman
Producer: Desi Doyen 
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