Your Own Health And Fitness:Your Nervous System 
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Your Own Health And Fitness  Your Nervous System   
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Layna Berman  Weekly Program  For non-profit use only. 
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Health educator Layna Berman discusses the assaults on your nervous system and what you can do to help it.  Layna Berman 
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HOST INTRO In the 1960s, before becoming film directors, Mike Nichols and Elaine May did comedy. In one of their skits, a man gets a call from his mother. When he answers, she says, Sheldon, this is your mother. Remember me? She goes on to tell him that hes a very successful man who is too busy to call his mother. Yeah, yeah, what can I do for you Ma? he says. I had to go to the doctor, she says. Yeah, yeah, he says. So what did the doctor do? He X-rayed my nerves, she says. And what did he say? he says. He said, Mrs. Goldberger, youre a very nervous person! And what did you say? he asks. Well, I told him its because my sone is so successful hes too busy to call his mother, she says. Funny"unless its familiar. Today I want to talk about the nervous system because it can really mess you up the most"especially these days. Over the years I consulted with people, before retiring my practice, I often thought that if people could only learn to relax, they might never get chronically ill. This hour Ill attempt to make the nervous system more scrutable and offer some choices to you so that you might protect the delicate balance that all you systems require to deep you running like a finely tuned watch.  Produced and hosted by Layna Berman and Jeffry Fawcett, PhD. 
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