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** "Trust me when I tell you, this isn't another white savior story. This is a white nightmare story. This is what I know. My great grandfather murdered that man, Bill Spann. He shot him in cold blood, and got away with it. Two families, they both live in Alabama. One of them is white, and one of them is black - one of them is buried in an unmarked grave, and one of them is filming it."

'Did You Wonder Who Fired The Gun?' A Conversation With Director Travis Wilkerson. And possibly the most important movie right now, if not the best documentary this year.

Travis Wilkerson, who has been making films that interrogate the malevolent effects of capitalism regarding the workingclass, US wars and racist police violence, turns his camera this time around beyond the family of man, to the family of one man - himself. Delving into the difficult personal hidden history of how his Alabama family immersed in the Klan, led to his great grandfather murdering a black man - and getting away with it.

And connections in this deeply troubling film to Trayvon Martin, Rosa Parks, To Kill A Mockingbird, unmarked African American graves, and the brass knuckles, bullwhip and a loaded revolver Wilkerson's great grandfather kept under his grocery story counter.

** "I'm always aware of Black History Month. Because of my family here, I really want to get to the bottom of some of the mystery, because of my own particular background. Because the more I think about what it means to be partially American and partially African-American, the more I want to own and think about that in a real way. And I don't know enough about my own heritage right now and whether, you know, whether it be passing or the generational history. It's a very hidden element in my family, and I want to get to the bottom of it. So I guess what it makes me think of personally is - I've got to do that!"

Rebecca Hall Talks Permission, And Black History Month. The actress phones in from the UK to discuss being drawn to two films right now touching on unconventional sexual relationship experimentation: 'Permission' and 'Professor Marston And The Wonder Women' - the latter biopic's subversive mid-20th century conjugal threesome leading up to the creation of the enduring comic book character, Wonder Woman.

Hall, raised primarily in UK white culture, also delves into Black History Month in relation to her family roots she wants to get to know better. Namely, her mother - the Detroit born eminent African American opera singer, Maria Ewing.

** "Is it possible that I'm actually Donald Trump's favorite reporter?"

Trump Bromance? Caleb Maupin revisits a quite mysterious and seemingly unresolved moment in the life of the political analyst, activist, RT reporter and contributor to this show - that day back in March two years ago, when Trump held a press conference in DC and called on him out of the press pool to ask his question. And with the mystifying designation to this day, of "my favorite reporter." Maupin is on the case.
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