Progressive Spirit 27 Minutes:How To Survive Your Childhood Now That You Are An Adult 27 Min 
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Progressive Spirit 27 Minutes  How To Survive Your Childhood Now That You Are An Adult 27 Min  Therapist, Ira Israel, outlines a path to authenticity. 
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John Shuck  Weekly Program  No excerpting/modifying without permission. 
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Ira Israel is a licensed professional clinical counselor and a licensed marriage and family therapist. He has graduate degrees in philosophy, religious studies, and psychology. He has a private practice in Santa Monica, California as well as on-line coaching. He leads workshops at the Esalen Institute and throughout the United States. He has 28 years of experience working in various capacities with award-winning filmmakers, musicians, artists, and writers. His website is

We discuss his book, How to Survive Your Childhood Now that Youre An Adult: A Path to Authenticity and Awakening and an article, How The Internet Engendered The Fall of Consumer-Based Capitalism and the Rebirth of Democracy: A Brief History of the Future, He writes: My mission is to inspire you to be your best self and live an extraordinary and satisfying life full of supportive relationships, intimacy, love, creative expression, authentic communications, a thriving career, mental and emotional wellness, and a healthy balance of work and pleasure.
Ira Israel, Counselor, Life Coach, Therapist 
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54 minute version at Progressive Spirit   
Philosophy | Healthcare Industry | Mental Health | Capitalism | Computers and Internet | Technology | Consumerism | Buddhism | Hinduism | New Age  
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