Progressive Spirit 27 Minutes:The US-Saudi Warcrimes Against Yemen 
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Progressive Spirit 27 Minutes  The US-Saudi Warcrimes Against Yemen  Aisha Jumaan and Mohammad Al-Nimr Expose the US involvement with Saudi Agression 
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John Shuck  Weekly Program  No excerpting/modifying without permission. 
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On February 3rd, 2018, Roots of Conflict and KBOO/Portland, co-sponsored a presentation at Portland State University called US-Saudi Coalition: Bringing Peace or War?

In this episode you will hear from Yemeni activist, Aisha Jumaan. She spoke boldly and clearly about the Saudi war crimes against Yemen that are assisted by the United States and the United Kingdom.

Dr. Aisha Jumaanis a public-health specialist working as a consultant on heath-related projects in Yemen. She offered a statistically detailed presentation of the human catastrophe going on in Yemen, as a result of the Saudi imposed war on that ancient country. More than fourteen million people require immediate humanitarian assistance and seven million are at risk of famine.

Dr. Jumaan is the President of Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation,

Special thanks to David Rogers for recording the event and giving Progressive Spirit permission to edit it for radio broadcast. 
Aisha Jumaan, Yemeni Activist and Mohammad Al Nimr, son of Sheik Nimr Al-Nimr who was executed by the Saudi Government 
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  Peace, Salaam, Shalom, Emma's Revolution, One, BRM Records, 2004 1:00 
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