The Michael Slate Show:The Women of Revolution Club & Refuse Fascism Disrupt the Fascist Mnuchin + Police Murder of A.J Weber, the Family Speaks  
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The Michael Slate Show  The Women of Revolution Club & Refuse Fascism Disrupt the Fascist Mnuchin + Police Murder of A.J Weber, the Family Speaks    
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Michael Slate  Weekly Program  For non-profit use only. 
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Illegitimate Arrests Across the Country As Activists Disrupt the Fascist Mnuchin and Challenge Him to Debate. activists on two coasts have been targeted with excessive politically-motivated suppression, repression and governmental snooping, including by the Department of Homeland Security for nothing more than nonviolent political speech. We'll talk with Tala and Emma, activists with the Revolution Club and Refuse Fascism.

On February 4, Superbowl Sunday, LA Sheriffs' deputies confronted 16-year-old AJ Weber, chased him into the courtyard of the apartment complex in South Central Los Angeles where he lived, and gunned him down. According to witnesses who saw AJ's body later, he was shot a dozen times in the back.

The family of AJ have been joined by community members and others to confront the killer cops at community meetings and protests. The Sheriffs have responded by terrorizing the community, arresting 15 local people, according to activists. We'll hear from AJ's friends and family members about the murder, and the ongoing struggle for justice.  
Tala (Revolution Club UCLA); Emma (RefuseFascism); Family and Friends of AJ Weber 
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Broadcast ready with a musical break at 27:26 and can accommodate local id if needed. If you use the show or simply check it out, write to us at with your comments, criticisms, suggestions and questions.   Michael Slate - Host and Producer
Henry Carson - Assistant Producer
Jeff Pryor - Production Assistant
Kiyana Williams - Engineer 
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