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Voices for the Animals  The KOTA Foundation for Elephants  Interview with Debbie Ethell 
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Debbie Ethell is a conservation research scientist as well as the Executive Director of The KOTA Foundation for Elephants which she founded in 2015. She is a featured speaker at the International Free the Elephants Conference & Film Festival in Portland this April . KOTA stands for Keepers of the Ark based on the book by the same name written by Ray Ryan and also because she believes that whats we all are: We have the power to save elephants or the power to let them all go extinct but in the end its in our hands.

Tune in and hear how The KOTA Foundation for Elephants is working to save elephants in Africa with several programs here in the US and in Kenya. Hear about the amazing and mysterious ways of elephants, how they can hear for miles through their feet, and somehow perceive when someone has died, even though they are miles away at the time of the death. Debbie was inspired to help save elephants since she was 8 years old and she has dedicated her life to bringing awareness of their plight to children in schools and to educate consumers how they can save elephants in Africa by purchasing products made by African villagers.

Why is it important save elephants? What is real conservation and what is the real cost? Those are just a few of the questions Debbie addresses in this illuminating interview. Listen live or check back here and listen to the podcast. As Debbie, says, we have the power to save elephants, it is a matter of becoming informed and then taking the right actions to save them where they live in the wild.

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Debbie Ethell, Executive Director of The KOTA Foundation for Elephants  
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