What's the Frequency, Kenneth?:"Send Lawyers, Guns And...Facebook" ( Told Through Narration, Music and Soundbites) 
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What's the Frequency, Kenneth?  "Send Lawyers, Guns And...Facebook" ( Told Through Narration, Music and Soundbites)   
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Paul Fischer  Specials  For non-profit use only. 
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One Zuckerberg..44 Senators. No Waiting....At a war council meeting on Syria, Pres. Trump delivers his long list of Mueller grievances..after his lawyer/fixer gets in a fix from search warrants... Is it a trade war? depends who you ask at the White House. Yet another thing House Speaker Paul Ryan won't talk about...the winner of the State Supreme Court race in Wisconsin... Anybody remember the Scott Pruitt at EPA controversies?... Anybody remember Trump ordered thousands of National Guard troops to the Mexico border? And the day White House press spokesperson, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, said Trump believes he has the authority to fire Special Counsel Mueller. Uh Oh. ( Told Through Narration, Music and Soundbites.  paul fischer/host/writer 
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This program was run thru software for voiceovers, to reduce "clipping" and to "level" the audio.  Musical Works
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Safe 2 Connect 2 Jessica Lea Mayfield Sorry Is Gone. ATO Rec 2017 03:02
1,000BPM Beck The Information. Interscope Rec 2006 02:31
Metatron Darkside (Nicolas Jaar and David Harrington) Psychic. Matador Rec 2013 05:05
Somewhere A Judge (Radio Edit) Hop Along Bark Your Head Off, Dog. Saddle Creek Rec 2018 03:52
Type A Control Top Covert Contracts. self released Control Top 2018 02:23
Burn It Sunflower Bean Twenty Two In Blue. Mom+Pop Rec 2018 04:20
Lawyers, Guns And Money (Radio Edit) Warren Zevon Excitable Boy. Asylum Rec 1978 03:29
Fake City, Real City Lolina Smoke. self released Lolina 2018 03:28
The Eye Empath single. Get Better Rec 2018 02:51
Short Court Style Natalie Prass The Future And The Past. ATO Rec 2018 03:53
BluePrint Alice Bag BluePrint. Don Giovanni Rec 2018 02:14
Haze The Shacks Haze. Big Crown Rec 2018 02:55
Glue Bernice single. Arts and Crafts Rec 2018 04:25
Throw Me A Bone Goat Girl Goat Girl. Rough Trade Rec 2018 02:12
Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays (Radio Edit) Unknown Mortal Orchestra Sex and Food. Jagjaguwar Rec 2018 04:15
AZ Now Now Band Saved. Lab Rec 2018 03:35
Broken The Maghreban 01Deas. R&S Rec 2018 03:41
Breathe In, Breathe Out Melody's Echo Chamber Bon Voyage. Fat Possum Rec 2018 02:57
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This program contains soundbites..including tease from Zuckerberg testimony to Sen. Judiciary and Commerce Comm... in Q and A from Sen. Leahy, Zuckerberg confirms Facebook is cooperating with special counsel, Bob Mueller,investigation. Montage/Mix/Mashup from Zuckerberg testimony to Senate...including excerpts Q and A's from Sens. Maria Cantwell on Cambridge Analytica, Facebook and Trump Campaign coop...excerpts Sen. Amy Klobuchar on whether Cambridge Analytica data on Americans from Facebook was concentrated from certain states in Campaign '16...excerpt Sen. Wicker on whether Facebook can track you even you're "off"....Sen. Leahy on whether fake Russian ads are still getting onto Facebook..Sen Graham on how aggressive Facebook is in collecting data..and whether Facebook has a monopoly...Sen. Durbin asks if Zuckerberg would mind sharing what hotel he stayed at before the hearing.... excerpts from Zuckerberg conf. call with reporters a few days ago about how many users had their data shared without their knowledge and how the messaging function can give 3rd parties access to your data...called "scraping". Trump economic advisor, Larry Kudlow and Sarah Huckabee Sanders give mixed signals on is there is or is there ain't a Trade War in the works.... Some see a blue wave precursor in Wisconsin, where Rebecca Dallet won a seat on Wisconsin's State Supreme Court...beating the NRA backed candidate. Montage/Mix/ Mashup..Pruitt at EPA..with excerpts from Sen. Susan Collins ( who voted against Pruitt's confirmation in the first place)...excerpt Sen. Mike Rounds defends Pruitt...excerpts former Sen. Boxer on Pruitt's cheap but fancy digs at a house owned by lobbyists...excerpt Trey Gowdy has problems with Pruitt.. (CNN State Of The Union/MSNBC/Friends Of The Earth/MTP)... And, remember Trump ordered troops to the Mexico border...but at the time, Homeland Security Secy didn't know much during an impromptu Q and A gaggle.. From C Span, media and political websites, for illustrative, analysis and commentary purposes.
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